Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Cooking Gas Station In Nigeria

A cooking gas station is a good investment business idea in Nigeria. As the world is developing so are technologies and new method of doing things are emarging.

Almost every home has a gas cylinder for cooking, thats why is no longer a news that starting a cooking gas station in Nigeria is very lucrative.

If you want to operate a successful cooking gas station, a good plan and intensive capital will be needed to make it a success. You will need to develop a solid business plan, choose a good location, obtain licensing in order to run effectively in Nigeria.

6 Requirements Needed In Starting A Cooking Gas Station In Nigeria

Here are ways to start a cooking gas station:

1. Create A Business Plan For Cooking Gas Station:

If you can’t create a professional business plan for your cooking gas station, you should have a professional or an expert to create a tangeable outlet plans for you.

The business plan should include the services you will offer, whether you will attach other petty business around your station. You will also include the competition analysis of the market and how you can be able to manage them and bring out your own uniqueness stating how your business will thrive irrespective of the competition.

A clear outlet of the organizational structure and business management system should be included too. On the same business plan, map out your marketing stratagies on how you can be able to accomplish your goals and objectives.

2. Choose A Good Location:

Determine the best location to run your business. First of all, it starts by buying a land to construct your cooking gas station.

You need a place suitable to reach potential customers. According to some analysis performed by our team, you will need a location that will be easily accessible and convenient in terms of traffics and major routes where pedestrains, vehicle drivers, passengers and other road users pass through.

How you structure your cooking gas station determines how often your customers will continue to come back, while constructing your project, ensure that you take into consideration on how the traffic flows, and also creating a space for easy to enter and easy to exit.

These are some of your major consideration when mapping out plans for construction.

3. Register Your Business:

You have to register your cooking gas station to avoid any future termination and embarrasment. Follow the appropriate procedure to get license and approval to operate a cooking gas business in Nigeria.

Here are some of the list of attach documents required ; police report, fire report, certificate of incorporation, approval building plan, and other licenses. Ensure to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. CAC are in charge for guiding and regulating business in Nigeria.

If you want to make your cooking gas station legal and recognized, you will need to do the right thing by getting it registered.

4. Purchase The Needed Equipments:

There are important equipments to keep your cooking gas station up and running, such as cooking gas plant, cooking gas filling shed, gas dispenser, Gas tank, etc. Just make sure that the necessary equipments needed are bought and fixed at their appropriate position.

5. Hire Staff:

You will need staff like the attendants, cashier, supervisor, manager, security, accountant, etc.

Ensure that they understand their specified work, you can shedule a shifting method to allow proper performance of duties.

Decide the regular hours of operation, you can decide to open early in the morning and close early around evening, you can as well determine to run a 24 hours cooking gas station. Always open early at the suppose time for operation.

Also consider the safety of your employees and customers. Train your staffs on how to calm fires with fire extinguishers, should in case it happens.

Consider a good security system, set a rule to avoid employees carrying too much cash, there should be a cash deposit (drop safe) for your staffs.

6. Apply your marketing strategies in promoting your cooking gas station.

Cost Of Starting A Cooking Gas Station In Nigeria

You determine the cost of starting a cooking gas station by calculating the land cost, construction, equipments, business registration, Gas suppliers fee, transportation & logistics cost.

Thereby, the requirements and cost of starting a cooking gas station is approximately $30,000. Please note that the capital ranges, depending on the size of operation and location. It might be higher or lower.

Cooking gas station in Nigeria is a lucrative venture for Nigerians.