Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Bar In Kenya

Running a bar filled with assorted drinks is becoming a lucrative business. If you’ve been thinking of a bar business, read on to know how to start a bar business in Kenya.
Presently, the bar business is one of the lucrative businesses that you can start with low capital and make consistent profit in Kenya. Infact, a bar business can be operated in various ways, some of the ways are common, some standard while others are expensive.
In this post, we’ll basically explain the concept of a bar business, and the process of starting a bar business in Kenya.
Bar business in Kenya
Profit in a bar business depends on the type of bar business you start. There is the common bar business and the expensive bar business.
To show you how profitable it is to start a bar business in Kenya, we are going to illustrate with a carton of beer.
First of all, let’s calculate how much you as a common bar owner may be making in a carton of beer.
There are 12 or 24 bottles per a carton of beer.
If you buy a carton for $7 or $12, and sell them for $0.70 or 0.71, that means, calculating from the latter, 0.70x 12=$8.4.
That means you have made from a carton $1.4 Or more. Now if you sell all the beers in 4 cartons a night, you have made $5.6.
The analysis above is for the common type of bar business. Below is the analysis for the expensive type
To start a bar business in Kenya doesn’t mean you will only sell drinks. The analysis above is strictly on what you will make from the drinks, there are a whole lot of other things that would earn you more money from your bar e.g. meat, barbecue, e.t.c.
Now you’re gonna see what you need to start a bar business in Kenya, either a common bar business or an expensive bar business. You will see some other stuffs you can incorporate into your bar that can earn you money on a daily basis.
The Common Bar Business
If you’re just venturing into the bar business, it is advisable to start a common bar business because its isn’t very costly and it is more popular. The type of bars you see within your streets are a good example of the common type of bar. The only disadvantage is that this type of bar are naturally competitive. Therefore, if you starting your bar business for the first time, you need some strategies to attract customers to your bar and have them coming back daily. To achieve this you need to know exactly what your customers want, and how they want it.
Below are the things to consider if you want to start a bar business in Kenya.
Location is very important. It is the first thing to consider before every other thing when starting a bar business. The kind of neighborhood or locality, the number of people who live there, or come around your location will determine the inflow of people and customer who will patronize and spend time in your bar. So, its important your bar is situated in a populated area or location.
Get a good name
Yout bar name should be simple and easy to remember. It is also important that your bar business name be unique and different from others. Therefore, let the name of your bar be a simple name that people can easily remember and say. In that way, if anyone wants to refer someone else to your bar or has to meet anyone in your bar; it’s will be quite easy.
Have a good Generator
Bar activities is more active during the night, which means, you need a good generator in case of the common power failure experienced in Kenya. Also, ensure you keep other necessities that require electricity in their place.
It is a common fact that any one who comes into a bar for a drink will want that drink to be chilled or cold. This is why it’s very cruical to have a good refrigerator if you want to start a bar business in Kenya. Infact, some alcohol beverage are better served chilled, and the availability of a refrigerator will ensure drinks are always chilled or cold.
Music is necessary. It can trigger and change ones mood of relaxation and extrovertism. With music playing in your bar, your customer will feel relaxed and enjoy their drinks more. Sometimes, the music can even prompt dancing. However, the type of music you play in your bar depends on your location and the type of people who patronize you.
When you include meats, fish, or pepper soup to to the drinks you serve in your bar, you’re customers will enjoy themselves the more and pay you as well. It’s not compulsory you serve all, but if you can’t, choose any that will satisfy your customers and make them come back over and over again. Point and kill, and pepper soup are preferable, because they contain pepper, and are always hot. Moreover, smoke fish, and barbecue are also popular choice.The best way to manage all these is to make a franchise, get people who specialize on any of those, and give him, or her a spot in your bar.
Football matches
Ofcourse, a powerful digital TV should not be absent in your bar. Get a digital TV network and ensure the popular football channels are active. Most of the time, people come to a bar to buy drink and watch their favorite clubs play. If your bar does not have such a TV and your customers can’t watch their favourite clubs match in your bar, they will resort to another place or bar for it.
The price of a drink
Another thing that get your loyal customers to your bar, or chase them away is how much they are paying for a bottle. If they find a little difference in price of a bottle in your shop and another shop, they will go to the cheaper one. So, the best thing is to make the price of drinks in your bar affordable.
2. The Expensive Bar Business
The process of setting up an “expensive bar”, is not entirely different from that of a “common bar”. The most important thing in starting an expensive bar is the location. The location has to be in a serene environment.
It can set up your bar like a hotel bar, even though it’s just a bar. You can stock both local and foreign drinks, and set up your bar in a way that fits the interest of the rich and well-to-do guys.
Air condition
In an expensive bar, the interior of the bar must be in style. Unlike the common bar, you need to make the atmosphere conducive through air conditioners.
You can add more fun to your bar by setting up games like snooker, squash etc. To incorporate this into your bar, you should ensure you have a spacious indoor place for the bar to accommodate them.
Apart from normal drinks like beer, and gin, you can still put wine in your bar. Infact, your customers will appreciate having something different from beer or gin.
Cost Of Starting A Bar In Kenya
Based on the process of starting a bar in Kenya which was discussed above, Cost of starting a bar in Kenya on average scale varies from $1500 and upwards. You should know that you can spend more or less depending on the scale factors.

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