How To Start A Factory In Botswana

Starting a factory in Botswana is one of the lucrative idea anyone can have, because factory is in vogue in Botswana. With the rising population, there will be need for manufacturing factories in Botswana. Now at a reasonable level, there are lots of raw materials that requires processing and manufacturing, and one of the factors in manufacturing business sustainability and success is a constant supply of raw materials.
Botswana is one of the consumer-driven economy, and the manufacturing sector in Botswana is one of the fastest growing sector more than any other sectors in Botswana. There have been a high record of capacity utilization of raw materials in respect to trade, investments and industries. That is why starting a factory business can potentially provide more leverage in the manufacturing industry and other categories of business, Since a value will be added to aid production.
This article will reveal the step by step guide on how to start a factory in Botswana. We believe that this article will be very useful for those seeking the knowledge and wants to be in the production sector.
Starting A Factory In Botswana
The following steps are needed to setup a good factory:
1. Analysing The SWOT
SWOT analysis helps in evaluating threats, opportunities and weaknesses and strengths.
a. Strenght (S) in SWOT analysis For Factory
Here questions like the ones below come up:
i. What factors determine sale and distribution and what are the advantages and prospects of your organization and also what are the unique attributes and characteristics of your company, hence the questions above and some others are part of the Strength (S) analysis.
b. Weaknesses (B)
i. What are the things you can avoid or prevent and what things do marketers and sellers see as weaknesses hence questions like this and some others belong to the weakness (W) category.
c. Opportunities (O) in SWOT analysis
i. What opportunities and chances do you see and what trending interests and features do you know and another is what are the changes in market and technology both in narrow and broad scale and what are the government policy changes and transformations?
d. Threats
i. What are the obstacles and challenges that you are facing and what activities and events do your competitors do and also are there changes in specifications and standard quality hence these questions belong to the threat category.
2. Branding Your Factory
How do you make your products unique and this is branding and there are many products out there in the market and you need to brand your products hence this will help customers know which one is your product and which one is not and branding is an important part of manufacturing and brand accordingly.
3. Trending Markets For Your Factory
Do some research and find out the marketing techniques and trends and knowing the marketing trends and factors will help you to prepare your factory company.
4. Knowing The Target Customers In The Factory
You have to know your target customers and also what your customers need and bringing products with much need from customers will promote the factory business and meet the needs of your customers and see your company flourish.
5. Demographics Of Your Customer In Factory
The population and location of your customers has something to do with the demographics.
6. Selling Strategy In Factory
Marketing strategies and techniques that appeal to your customers should be the ones you need to implement.
7. Distribution methods In Factory
Make provisions on how you can distribute and market your products and proper distribution channels should be put in place and this will promote product sales.
8. Technology And E-commerce In Factory
Your factory company should have a website because this is the 21st century and you have to be online and many factory companies now need more audience and make more sales online.
9. Positioning And Pricing In Your Factory
Your price should not be too high for your customers and proper positioning applies here.
10. Promoting And Advertising Your Factory
Options exist for different forms of advertising and you can utilise them for product promotion and advertising both online and offline and tell people what you do.
11. Risk Management In Factory Business
How do you manage the risks and how do you implement management strategies?
What Are The Items You Can Do Their Production Through Factory?
Manufacture items that are legal and user friendly hence fake drugs manufacturing and contraband goods are not what this article is talking about and you can also manufacture something unique and sell them in the Botswana market and also ensure that what you are manufacturing is legitimate and perhaps exportable and some goods are not legal and healthy.
Items You Can Choose And Do Their Manufacturing In Your Factory
The list below is from the Botswana Entrepreneurship Program and it is below:
a. Soap and detergent products, paint and polishing products and others cleaning products, foam products, textile and garment products
b. Plywood and saw mill products, lamination and particle brand and packaging, body lotion and cosmetics, ginger processing products and packaging
c. Leather and shoe products and ice blocks and printing products, fishes and fisheries and poultry and diary products, filling, gas and cylinder (LPG)
d. PVC plant for manufacturing and production processes and poles and pillars, blocks, concrete and pillars
e. Blending products of oil and gas and other petroleum products and candle making and wax production
f. Sachet and bottle water making and packaging and processing and packaging of popcorns
g. Packaging and processing of plantains and processing and packaging of potatoes
h. Processing and milling of palm kernel and packaging and processing of feed mill
i. Making of citrus juice a fruit and packaging and production of confectioneries and bakeries
j. Packaging and milling of rice and processing and milling of garri and packaging
k. Making of corn chips and packaging and production of maize flour and packaging.
Factories does more good in the Botswana economy and many more factories are needed. Thereby, starting a factory in Botswana is a good idea and choosing the niche of production will be more lucrative.

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