Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Boutique In Kenya

Clothing is one of the needs of life and a boutique is just one of those businesses that meets that need. If you’re interested in fashion, read on to know how to start a boutique in Kenya.
Boutique and fashion business in Kenya is one of the fast rising businesses people are venturing into. It is a great business idea for anyone because the demand for clothing and fashion never ends. Infact, every day, there is always a new interest in style, new models and designs of clothing and accessories. It’s not surprising at all after all everyone wants to dress well and look good.
In this post, we’ve detailed everything you need to know to start a boutique in Kenya. You’ll also get to know the features of a boutique business and the best advice and recommendations. So, read on to get full details on starting this business. Bit before that, these are some of the reasons why a boutique business in Kenya is a great idea.
Benefits Of Boutique Business In Kenya
The business is not seasonal; you will always make sales anytime, any month and any year. Your boutique can be open at any time of the year, and you can sell clothes for any season as far as your boutique is able to give good rates of sales once in a while, all year round. People always want to dress well and look good You can start a unisex boutique; that means selling male and female clothes and it will increase your sales profits. Try to diversify with the clothes you sell and find out what kind of clothes people want to buy the most.
Clothes are non-perishable
Clothes and fashion accessories can be stored for a long time without losing their quality. So, you don’t have to worry about the limited shelf life.
Boutique business is high-income business
If you follow the steps we detail on how to start a boutique business in Kenya, you can increase your incomes several times in a short period. Boutique business is quite promising, and it has a lot of potential to become very successful no matter the kind of boutique business you venture into. So if you’re a fashion freak or fashion lover and dream about starting your own business, a boutique is certainly a good idea.
How To Start A Boutique Business In Kenya
To start a boutique business, below are the important things you need to do;

  • Be familiar with the fashion Industry
  • Decide the kind of boutique to open
  • Have a business plan
  • Register your boutique name
  • Get a location and stock
  • Advertise your boutique
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Be familiar with the fashion Industry
A boutique business is a great business idea because it revolves around fashion and as long as people will always wear clothes and dress well, boutiques will always be in demand.
As someone who decides to start such a business in Kenya, the first step you should take is to be interested in the fashion industry, and to know the latest fashion trends. You should understand what boutique business is all about, the basic aspects, and so-called business formulas. Having this basic knowledge will help you to create a business strategy for your successful development of your boutique.
Decide the kind of boutique to open
There are different kinds of boutique. Some boutique deal on men’s wear only, women’s only, while others may deal on both. There are some other boutiques for children’s clothes only. So it’s up to you to decide which one to venture into. In Kenya, a boutique business can be quite profitable especially if you deal on ladies’ wears. Women have great fashion sense, they always feel a need for good clothing, shoes, and accessories.
The kind of boutique you want to open depends on your starting capital, if you have enough money you can deal with top designers and labels e.g Gucci wears. Your starting capital will also influence the kind of place you choose for your boutique.
Also, you can concentrate more on women fashion, men fashion, children wear, or unisex. You can even open a boutique with the clothing of your own design. One more important thing to do is to find out more about those who have the same boutique business in your area, to know what kind of clothing that is popular and people are buying.
Have a business plan
A boutique business plan costs at least $1500. This amount should be enough for an average boutique that works with local designers and China wears. If you want to go big or plan to start a business with internationally known designers, you should budget around $10,000 to start your business boutique.
Register your boutique name
When you have learnt enough about the boutique business and have a business plan, then it’s time to choose a name for your business and register it. Business name registration is done with Government. When you have enough starting capital, you should register your business with the appropriate Commission so as to get a legal status of your business.
Get a location and stock
When your boutique name is officially registered, it is now time to get a location or prepare the building for your boutique. After that, buy the clothes and everything else you need for your business. It is important to stock up your shop with clothes from reliable cloth providers and order enough clothes for a big opening of your fashion shop.
Advertise your boutique
The next important step of your boutique business plan is to advertise. People won’t just know about your boutique and about the clothes you sell if you don’t market and advertise your business. Good marketing and advertising are essential parts of your success. Market and attract more customers with the help of discounts, complimentary cards, flyers and customer-oriented programs.
If you have the money, you can organize a big and bright opening event which can be very helpful for introducing your boutique and attracting customers.
Having a simple and unique name for your boutique can play a crucial role in the successful marketing of your boutique. The name is an essential part of any type of business, and it’s very important when it is a business related to the fashion industry.
Have a good customer service
When you give out complimentary cards and flyers that introduce your boutique business, people who may be interested at first will want to call and find out if you have some specific fashion clothes or clothes. This is why you should have good customer service. This is a very essential aspect of the business, as well as the quality of the clothes and clothes you sell. The quality of your customer service creates a good image on the market. With good customer service, you can be sure that your business will have loyal customers who will come back to your boutique again and again and you will make continuous sales.
Other factors to consider in starting a boutique business in Kenya so as to achieve success include:
Sale the latest designs, and the most fashionable clothes to your customers
Make sure your boutique is situated in a good location and make sure that your boutique has good accessibility
Enhance the assortment of your shop with luxurious accessories.
Cost Of Starting A Boutique In Kenya
Starting a boutique in Kenya is a good idea, and based on the analysis, cost of starting a boutique in Kenya varies based on the scale of business. Irrespective of the scale of business, one can start a standard boutique with less than $10,000 In Kenya.

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