Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Barbershop In Kenya

A Barbers shop is one of the most common businesses we see everywhere and the skill is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re learning how to barb and you want to start a barbers shop in Kenya, this article is for you.
Barbers make steady income. It’s not an assumption, it’s a fact. It all depends on how you start and package your barbers shop in Kenya. Infact, there are some barber shops who make 6 figures profit in a year. You may doubt it but I can tell you that it’s true and I’m sure most Barbers will agree to that too.
Barbing shops get partonized on a daily basis. I visit a barbing salon every week and on each visit, I part with between $1 to $1.5 as service cost; sometimes more, depending on the type of barbing salon. Let’s do a little bit of calculation. If I spend an average of $1.5 for barbing services every week, in a month, that is between $4.5 to $6 and in a year, I spend up to $60 to $70. Now, if that same Barber has 100 other customers like me who patronize him monthly, he will be making between $150 to $200 monthly from these hundred customers alone! You can now imagine how much this barber will be making in a year. It’s quite a lot of money.
So like I said earlier, barbers can make a steady income. However, a lot of people overlook this business that is capable of making them millions because they don’t know how profitable barbing business in Kenya can be. Instead, they naturally prefer big businesses that require a huge capital to start up and will take time before they start to yield constant money. Some others won’t even bring out any profit. If you’re looking for an average business to start that wouldn’t require much capital and will still yield you constant income, then a barbers shop is a choice to make. Isn’t that interesting?
The more interesting good news is that starting a barbing salon is not difficult and this post has been written to show you how.
How to Start A Barbing Shop in Kenya
1. Learn to Barb
The first step to starting a barbing shop is to learn how to barb. Spend three months or thereabout to learn how to barb. learning how to barb basically requires you to learn how to handle the clippers. Barbing is an art and a barber is an artist! However, It’s not just enough to learn how to handle the clipper, you need to perfect the art of haircuts; like shaving, tracing the hair line, and trimming.
As a beginner, you can learn the basics of barbing within three months and then perfect your art as time goes one. Always remember that the level of your customer satisfaction will depend on how well you’ve mastered the art of shaving, so don’t play with it. This is because if you mess up someone’s hair while barbing it, the person can go as far as arresting you with police and shutting down your shop for spoiling their haircuts. But if you’re good at what you do, you will have loyal customers who will keep patronizing you.
2. Rent A Shop
After learning the basics of barbering and being able to barb good and nicely, it’s now time to look for a shop. Find a decent and spacious shop in a shopping mall or a populous neighborhood. It’s important the shop is spacious so as to accommodate your customers and still have enough space for people to mingle around. A barbers shop can at times be crowded when there are a lot of other customers waiting to be barbed. A spacious shop will also afford you the space to put a number of chairs for your customers to sit on while they wait for their respective turns.
3. Package Your Shop
Packaging your shop simply requires a few simple interior decorations to make your shop stand out from the rest. When it comes to the color to paint your shop, don’t simply go for an all plain color like white, blue, green e.t.c. Hire the services of a good painter and choose a color combination that will make yourself and your barbing business to stand out.
The objective of beautifying your shop is to impress your customers, and there is no better way to do it than to make your business place stand out from the crowd.
4. Furnish Your Shop
Furnishing a barbing shop is simple and cost effective. It includes getting a very good and comfortable revolving chair where your customers will sit while you work on them, a table, and other chairs where waiting customers can sit. The revolving type will make work easier for you as you won’t need to move around, you can stand still and turn the chair to any direction of your choice.
5. Buy Original Clippers and barbing accessories
As a barber who is still starting, you will need about two clippers, after working with one on a customer, you turn it off and put it out to be sterilized, then continue with the other on another customer. You will be switching between the two clippers. Having an original clipper is important because not all clippers are good.
Majority of barbers I patronize use Philips clippers. So go for original Philips. Though it’s costly, it’s well worth the money. You can purchase it at the original Philips retail shop, the market or online.
6. Get A Sterilizer
Despite having my own personal clipper, I still request my barber sterilizes it before using it on my head. In cases you don’t have a personal clipper, due to the increased number of communicable diseases out there, you will still request the barber to sterilize the clipper before using it on you. Infact, people will be more inclined to continue patronizing you if they are assured that your clippers are well treated and sterilized.
As a barber who wants to start a barbing shop, it’s paramount you buy an electronic sterilizer that you’ll use to treat your clippers and other cutting equipment when you finish using them on a customer before using them on another customer to avoid the spread of diseases among your customers.
7. Have or buy A Standby Generator
Power outage in Kenya is inevitable. You wouldn’t want to depend only on power aupplyand risk being stranded while barbing a hair and the power goes out. That’s why a generator is more than important. You do not need a BIG generator except if you can afford it. A small generator of $60 to $150 can still serve you at your barbers shop. The importance of a generator in a barbing business cannot be over emphasized, it is so important in the business of barbing that without it, you may have some difficulty progressing in your barbing business.
Other minor requirements to start a barbing shop in Kenya include:

  • Barbing clothes
  • Hair creams
  • Spirits
  • Aftershave e.t.c
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These are the minor equipments, they include wraparound (cloth materials like the cloth tied around a customer to prevent the flying hairs from littering his body) hair creams, spirits, aftershave e.t.c
With all these in place, you are ready to start a barbing shop in Kenya. With the right packaging and expertise in what you do, you will gradually get to the point when you will be making hundreds of thousands every month from your barbing shop in Kenya.
Cost Of Starting A Barbershop In Kenya
Depending on the kind of barbershop you want to start, you might spend more than $2000 to start a profitable barbershop in Kenya.

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