Information About Starting A Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail farming in Nigeria is very profitable and lucrative, And you can start it with little capital. Upon how profitable it is, many people still ignore it. Snails are been priced well in any markets you go in Nigeria. You can make full income through snail rearing.
Snails are favorite meat for some people, And it’s benefits are really encouraging. Here are some of the benefits of snail farming in Nigeria and why snail farming is very lucrative:
1. Snail rearing create empowerment opportunities.
2. Snails are very high in demand; therefore, it profitability is also high.
3. It is one of the cheapest animal rearing business (very cheap to start)
4. It does not require buying a land or much expenses for those that have just little capital.
5. Snail farming is a low risk business.
Snails are now consider to be a serious business not those that believes of going to bushes to pick snails, It can now be raised at home. Currently, the demand of snails have made few individuals/snail farmers to focus on commercial snail farming in Nigeria to fill those demands. Upon that, the demand is still very high. That’s why you need to grab this opportunity.
Types Of Snail Species Fit For Purpose Of Snail Farming
(1). Achatina Fulica: This species is suitable for snail farming. It is also known as the Giant Africa Land Snail. It originates from Eastern Africa.
(2). Achatina Achatina: Another name for this species is African Giant Snail, also called The Giant Tiger Land. Achatina Achatina is very big and it is usually the most reared species among other snail species.
(3). Achatina Marginata: This specie is also good for snail rearing. Achatina Marginata is known as the Giant West African Snail/Banana Rasp Snail.
The best specie for snail farming in Nigeria is “Achatina Achatina” And the Achatina Marginata. They are the desire of the consumers, maybe because how big they are or how good they taste.
Snail Farming In Nigeria: Getting It Right
There are certain things to consider before starting a profitable snail farming in Nigeria; And they are:
1) Business Plan: You will need to have plans on this venture to direct your steps well. On your business plan should consist a market feasibility study to help you learn all you need to know on Snail rearing.
2) Environment For Your Snails: Start by choosing environment that are very free from wind to prevent the rate of hydration in snails. Hydration can lead to dryness of snail, which is too bad.
3) Choosing The Type Of Soil: Choose soils that are very rich in calcium, and must not have much water i.e Not too dry or waterlogged. Let the soil be balanced for snail survival.
4) Snail Housing: Construct a snail pen with a galvanized wire netting, which protects the snails from predators like snake, rat etc from eating them. Let the pen be construct from wood or metal.
5) Source Your Snails From Other Snail Farmers/Suppliers: Purchase your snails from the right source. If possible to get it directly from the bush through snail Getter’s, it will be great.
6) Snail Feedings: Feed your snails properly. The Feedings are quite easier than any other animal farming. Snails feeds on vegetables, fruits, and green leaves. Don’t forget that the higher the food given is the bigger your snail meat will be. Always be cautious of pests and diseases. Prevent them early.
7) Harvesting Time: Harvest your snails when they are matured, Approach hotels & restaurant’s to notify them that you are now selling snails.
Requirements And Equipment Needed In Snail Farming
The requirements and equipments needed for snail farming in Nigeria are:
(1) Proper Training
(2) Capital
(3) Good Environment
(4) Small Weighing Scale
(5) Plastic Buckets
(6) Water And Feeding Troughs
(7) Shelvings etc..
The cost of starting a snail farming in Nigeria is calculated on the cost of snail feeding and food, cost of total snails to be purchased, cost of snail housing. For small scale, the cost is estimated to worth between N15,000 to N85,000 or more, depending on how you want to run it.

  • Not because snail farming is very cheap or simple, And it will warrant you to start it anyhow. you should know that there are challenges and problems of snail farming in Nigeria like pests and diseases, Probably you will need a good business plan.
  • Remember to join any snail farmers association in Nigeria to benefit more.
  • You can make this business different from every other snail farmers by setting up a website and offer snails from sale, creating business cards and other marketing brochures (brochures). This will create more awareness for you. Don’t forget to approach hotels & restaurant’s, offer your website and business card to them, This will really work out for you.
  • And lastly, snail farming in Nigeria is very profitable. It does not require special skills. Ensure proper feeding for Good Results.