Skills Necessary For The Preservation Of Traditions, Customs And Beliefs

Civic Education

Topic: Skills Necessary For The Preservation Of Traditions, Customs And Beliefs

Table of Contents

  • Meaning Of Tradition
  • Meaning Of Custom
  • Meaning Of Belief

Traditions, customs and beliefs are the components of culture.
Tradition is a belief, custom or way of doing something that has existed for a long time among a particular group of people. Custom is an acceptable way of behaving or of doing things in the society or a community.

Belief is understood to be confidence that something is good or right. Unfortunately, our tradition, customs and beliefs are gradually being eliminated owing to many factors including the influence of western civilization, our attitude to our culture e.t.c.

Therefore, our traditions, customs and beliefs need to be preserved lest they finally go into extinction.

The preservation of the traditions, customs and beliefs, However, needs some skills which are as follows:

1. Reactivation, Renovation and Maintenance of art and culture, exhibition centres and museums are dilapidated. The federal states and local authorities should do every possible to reactivate, renovate and resuscitate those museums.

Regrettably, some states do not even have any museum. Such states should be mandated to establish state of the art museums.

2. Removal of some cultural adulteration from westernization.

3. Rebuilding a lost confidence in traditional institution.

4. Reorientation so that Nigerians insatiable quest and taste for foreign things could be addressed.

5. Paying sufficient attention to character moulding in schools.

6. Concretizing cultural marriage institution so that family ties are disintegrated.

7. The traditional chieftaincy, tittle and award should be based on merit.

8. Cultural carnivals should be made a periodical events.