Simple Personal And Family Decision: Example Of Family Decision

Everyone makes choices and decisions. Thoughtful Decision provides solution and reduces mistakes. Example Of personal decisions.
Job Related Decision: This involves the kind of job to accept.
Engaging in a particular job a lot of things are considered, the type of job distance/location, whether it suits your family, the benefits, salary, Considering all these can lead you to take your Decision whether to accept or not.
Clothing Decision: This involves the colour and style you like to wear, where to buy your Clothing, types to buy and when to wear them.
Decisions on Food Issues: What to eat, when to eat, where to eat, how to get the foodstuff and how many times to eat in a day.
Example Of Family Decision::::
Decision on Children’s Education: The family has to decide on the type of school to send their children, how to pay the fees, buy the books, etc.
Decision on Housing: This involves the type of house to live in, whether to live in a flat, bungalow, duplex, to rent a house or to buy, and how to furnish the house.
Car related Decisions: This involves the type of car, colour, where to buy and when to buy.

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