Simple Fishing Tools

Fish farmers and fishermen use fishing tools to catch and harvest fish from the rivers, lakes, streams, and seas as they mature. These are the most common fishing tools used by farmers:

  1. Fishing spears and harpoons
  2. Fishing traps or cages
  3. Fishing hook
  4. Fishing net
  5. Canoes
  6. Baskets
  7. Electric stunning


  1. Fishing spear This was one of the earliest tools for catching fish. It is made from metals and has a pointed tip. It is equipped with a wooden handle. It can be used to cut through fish in rivers or ponds.                              Simple Fishing Tools
  2. Harpoons This is a spear that is attached to the tape. This is used to kill large fish such as whales.                 
  3. Fishing traps or cages: Many types of traps are made by fish farmers using raffia palms, coconut fronds, and bamboo ropes. Baits include insects, earthworms, small fishes, and red soap. You can use bait to attract fish. They are designed with wide mouths to allow fish to enter the traps.             
  4. Fishing Hooks: These small, sharply shaped metal instruments are made of aluminum. There are two types of fishing tools.                                             
  5. Line hook and pole: These consist of a line of twine, a line of the hook, and a pole. The hook is attached and tied to the pole. The hook is attached to the line, and the line is tied to the pole. Hook and line hook click.
  6. The long-line hook consists of multiple hooks attached to the line, and the line is tied to a pole at each end of the stream.
  7. Fishing net This fishing net is made from nylon with the right mesh size. There are many types of fishing nets. There are three fishing nets: cast net, hand net, scoop net, or dragnet.            Simple Fishing Tools
  8. Cast net This is also known as the throw net. It is used to catch fish in water.                                                         
  9. Scoop net or hand net: These catch fish in rivers and ponds. It is made of nylon with an iron handle and is like any other net.
  10. The drag net consists of a thick rope, a cork floating on the surface, and heavy lead pieces at the bottom. The net is usually carried out by four fishermen or more. The net is then dragged to the ground, and the fish are removed.
  11. Fishing equipment: Made from wood or log, this fishing equipment is made in different sizes. The cast net can be used to catch fish by being thrown from the canoes. The paddle can also lift the fish caught in the net out of the water.                                                          Simple Fishing Tools
  12. Baskets: This basket is made from cane rope or rachis of palm leaves. It is used to scoop out the water to catch fish.
  13. Electric shocking: This is when an electric current is passed into the water. The current stuns or incapacitates the fish as it swims around the area. If someone is not careful, this method can cause death. This method is commonly used in developed countries such as the U.S.A, Britain, and others.


  1. Outline ten (10) additional farm implements used for farm operations other than those listed above.
  2. Draw all farm implements and label them according to the instructions in the lesson.


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