Service Occupation In Commerce: Meaning And Types Of Service Occupation With Examples

Table Of Contents

  • Service Occupation In Commerce:
  • Meaning Of Service Occupation
  • Types Of Service Occupation With Examples

Services (Service Occupation)

Service occupation are sometimes classified a tertiary occupation. They are occupation that render services to the people, The people pay for the services directly or indirectly.

Types Of Service Occupation

1. Direct Services

These include personal services rendered for direct consumption and paid for indirectly by those who enjoy the service. Examples direct services are: housemaid, barbers, family doctor, layers in private practices etc. The services satisfy human wants hence it is part of production.

2. Indirect Services

This include services rendered to the general public but they are not paid for by the member of the public directly. The government pays from taxes and services paid by the public E.g Doctors working in public hospitals, police force etc.

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