Roles And Responsibilities Of Family Members (Home Economics)

Roles And Responsibilities Of Family Members

There are different types of family. Family members are related to each other in different ways. Therefore, there are various forms of relationships in the family. The family as a group performs some roles in the society while each member has definite roles to perform in the family. Family values are also very important for many reasons.

Meaning Of Family

A family is a group of persons who live together and are united by ties of marriage, blood or adoption. Family members are each other’s kin.

Types Of Family


1. The nuclear family

This is made up of a man, his wife and their children. It is also sometimes called a monogamous family because it arises from one man and one wife only.

2. Polygamous family

This is made up of a man, his wives and their several children. In a polygamous family a man is legally married to more than one wife.

3. Extended family

This type of family is made up of husband, his wife or wives, their children and includes other relation like uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, wives of sons and their children etc. The oldest member becomes the head of the extended family. This type is common in Nigeria.


Roles And Responsibilities Of Family Members

Roles Or Responsibilities Or Functions Of Family Members


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Roles Of The Father

1. He is the head of the family.

2. He is the family breadwinner. He works and earns money for the family.

3. He provides for the family’s needs such as shelter/house, food, clothing, school fees, etc.

4. He disciplines family members.

5. He acts as a model for his children by showing them good examples.

6. He shows love to family members and protect them.

7. He teaches his children the culture of the society, e.g. respect for elders.

8. He protects family members.

9. He performs his civic responsibilities. These are responsibilities to the society, such as, paying tax, obeying the law.


Roles Of The Mother

1. She bears the children.

2. She prepares food for the family.

3. She cares for the house and family clothing.

4. She loves and cares for all family members.

5. She may also go out to work and contribute to family income with father.

6. She takes care of the simple needs of the family.

7. She helps the husband in teaching their children the culture of the society.

8. She acts as a model for her daughters by showing them good examples.

9. She performs her civic responsibilities.


Roles Of The Children

As children grow up they are expected to:

1. Respect and obey their parents and other adults in the society.

2. Help with housework, e.g. cleaning the house, washing plates, caring for younger ones, fetching water.

3. Work with parents on the farm where such exists or in other activities.

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4. Learn the culture of the society.

5. Love themselves and their parents.

6. They carry the name of the family.

7. They perform theic civic responsibilities.

The whole family, the father, the mother and children must always try to cooperate and work as a strong team. The father is the leader. They should support each other and contribute to build a happy family. They should also be good citizens.

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