Responsible Parenthood: Meaning, Roles, Qualities And Importance

Responsible Parenthood: Meaning, Roles, Qualities And Importance

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Topic: Meaning And Roles Of Responsible Parenthood

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  • Meaning Of Responsible Parenthood (Define Responsible Parenthood)
  • The Roles Of Responsible Parent Parents
  • Qualities Of A Responsible Parents
  • Importance Of Responsible Parenthood

Definition Of Responsible Parenthood

Responsible parenthood simply means, the responsibilities of father and mother to their children. It also means, tasks on parents to ensure the proper upbringing of their children. Parenthood is defined within the concept of family.

The Roles Of Responsible Parents

1. Providing For The Household: The parents ought to or suppose to provide shelter, food, cloth, medical care, spiritual care, education and social needs for their family.

2. Caring: Caring is been kind, helpful and showing that you care about other people. So parents should look after and care for their household in providing what their children needs for their health and protections.

3. Education: Education is the right of every child. It is one of the responsibility of parents to their children. Education is power, and giving a child a quality education is the greatest gift every parents can give to their children.

4. Good Home Training: This covers wide range of character moulding, attitudinal shaping and inculcating of moral ethical and societal value to the children, home/family as the agent of socialization has to inculcate love, respect, friendliness, hospitality as well as national ethnic of discipline to the children.

5. Building Positive Concept In Your Children: It is the role or duty of responsible parents to build self esteem in their children.

Any childhood experiences help the children to manage stress, frustration and fell confidence in his future life. A child grows up and build a negative self concept, if he is been constantly judge, criticized and blame.

6. Teach them proper value: Parents needs to teach their children how to discern rights from wrong. Some parents believe that when children gets older, they will be able to decide for themselves, what value to accepts. But this is wrong. Just as young bodies needs proper nurishments to grow up strong and healthy, so young mind and hearts needs instructions.

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If children do not learn moral values from responsible parents at home, they will likely adopts views of their schoolmates, teachers and those of the mass media which may not be all good.

Children could be taught with holy scriptures of the bible and the koran, The sacred values and norms of the society should be taught to them.

Qualities Or Other Roles Of Responsible Parents

1. Be Available And Let Your Children Know: This availability also need to convey to the children. Children need to know that whenever they need to bring something or case to their parents, they will be there and they will not be distracted by work issues.

2. Actively Stick Out Your Children In Conservation: Since parents are available for talk with thier children, at any time, it does not mean that children will always make first move.

Parents should be the one to make first movement, this is one of the qualities of a responsible parents, as the truly caring parents for that is part of their responsibility such as asking them how their night went.

3. Equip Yourself With Knowledge And Innovation About Your Children Environment Away From School: Parents have to know about their children and their wards even outside school and their activities. They have to know what things their children are doing. In knowing these things, parents will be able to discuss subjects with them.

4. Be An Active Listeners: Four important fact of effective listeners are:

1. Making an eye contact
2. Watching body language
3. Being Heard And
4. Waiting for the child to finish talking before saying anything.

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5. Respecting The Child’s Feeling: Some parents have an attitude of talking about their children, especially their unpleasant habits, in front of others.

Avoid putting a child down like this because it can be a blow to his/her self esteem. Parents with two or more children should also give attention and praises equally to all children and acknowledge their uniqueness.

Positive values can be inculcated to the children if the parents avoid some pitfalls. These pitfalls are:

1. Parents bad examples
2. Parents hypocrisy
3. Deprivation
4. Build positive concept in your children
5. Teach them proper values
6. Create right environment.

Importance Of Responsible Parenthood

1. Responsible Citizens: The greatest danger associated with irresponsible parenthood is the likelihood of producing a totally disorganised family, and by extension, irresponsible citizen. But responsible parents try to train their children properly in schools. They know the relevant of teaching them a trade or sending them for apprenticeship to acquire skills. This will in turn, create a defined future for the children as the children will not en up as touts, armed robbers, prostitutes etc. But responsible citizens.

Those who attained to adulthood will marry because they can handle marital challenges.

2. Reduction In Crime: An educated child is prepared for a job and would subsequently got job.

A skilled child in a trade or any kind of job is self-employed, Such children would hardly resort to crime like kidnapping, prostitution, tourism etc. By so doing crime is drastically reduced in the society.

3. Harmonious Co-existence in Home: There is a saying that says “Children are parents of children”. The extent to which children are taken care determine the degree of harmony that will exist in their home when they take up their own homes. Every responsible parent has a duty to sustain and respect his/her matrimonial views by ensuring that his/her marriage does not breakdown.

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4. Disciplined Society: Responsible parents produce disciplined society. No one can live a victorious life without discipline. It takes discipline to rise up early in the morning to pray, prepare and go to school, work/office to overcome some temptation or attraction to crime e.t.c.

Discipline helps individuals not to waste ones time, talent and resources but to channel them to the actualization of a goal.

5. Obedient Students, Youths And Staff: Responsible parenthood ensure obedient student, youths and staff. Anybody who had good home training will certainly be obedient to constituted authorities.

If a student, he/she will respect his teachers and obeys the rules and regulations of his parents. If staff, he/she, obeys the ethic of his office or profession, such obedience guarantees peace and harmony among students and staff also nation at large.


Common Questions Asked On The Topic.


Define responsible parenthood

Responsible parenthood is the duties that every parents (Father and Mother) perform during the upbringing of their children.


10 importance of responsible parenthood

  1. Fast development in the society.
  2. Reduce crime in the society.
  3. More Educated people in the community.
  4. Understanding between different families.
  5. Responsible and educated youths and students in the community.
  6. Create good staff and teachers.
  7. Reduce unemployment.
  8. Have good communication with other children.
  9. Reduce poverty rate in the society.
  10. Have more self discipline youths.


Meaning of responsible parenthood

The responsibility that every father and mother own to their children.


5 roles of responsible parenthood

  1. Good home training.
  2. Quality education.
  3. Secure good future.
  4. Makes the child have good understanding.
  5. Impact good character.
  6. Help set a better goal.
  7. Have good communication with the child.
  8. Help guide the child to avoid making big mistakes in life.
  9. Makes the child to have self discipline.
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