Requirements And Cost Of Investing In Nigeria

Investing in Nigeria is the best decision to make, There are lot of investment business opportunities in Nigeria which are very lucrative. Every sector in Nigeria has their own best business opportunities to invest in. What you got to do is to make good research on the one that fits your criteria.
There are lots of Nigerians, investors and entrepreneurs who have capital for investment, but they are not too sure on where to invest in. Some may invest in ponzi and at the end lose their money. This article will help you identify the fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria.
The economy of Nigeria is very large and it is a nation for all sorts of investments, 200 million + citizens is an added advantage to any business with good marketing plan and advertisement. You should know that Nigeria is fast developing both economically and technologically and there will be need for innovative ideas.
Search engine has shown that Nigerians are always in search of business ideas for investment, but before you startup any business, you should be passionate about it and proper market research is needed. Not only men can start an investment business in Nigeria but women also.
10 Investment Business Opportunities In Nigeria
What are the best business ideas and investment business opportunities in Nigeria? What are the successful businesses to start in Nigeria? Here are opportunities for investment in Nigeria:
(1) Brick Making Business: Before you invest in brick making business, you will need to undergo training, after the training; you create a comprehensive business plan which includes your goals, aims, your target and marketing strategies, Then purchase the equipment needed. This business is a lucrative venture.
(2) Laundry Services: Laundry services is a lucrative business in Nigeria, and very easy to learn and get started. Before you start a laundry; you will need a good business plan, good location, equipments (like washers, dryers etc), registration and good marketing.
(3) Restaurant Business: If you are an entrepreneur looking for the type of business to invest in Nigeria, then restaurant business is a good business idea. Choose your location, hire chef, develop the restaurants menu, employ staffs, furnish your restaurant, and lastly advertisement (create awareness both online and offline).
(4) Small Bakery: Starting a bakery requires careful planning, training and been passionate about it. Decide the name of your bakery, list out items you wish to sell, then take the required steps needed in opening your bakery business.
(5) Event Planning: Event planning is not just growing but also a profitable business in Nigeria with low investment. Event planning requires skills and creativity. So before establishing your business; you need to have experience and organizational skills in event services in order to be successful.
(6) Real Estate Business: Investing in real estate business requires time, proper training and works. Real estate business is the number one investment opportunities in Nigeria to be considered, although it requires huge investment. Before starting a real estate business you need to be licensed.
(7) Poultry Farming: Starting a poultry farming can be rewarding in many ways. Develop a business plan for your poultry business, you will need land with good location, purchase the necessary equipments needed and good marketing.
(8) Car Wash: There are different types of car washing business; Hand wash, mobile care wash, self-services and combination. You have to decide on the one you want to venture into and do careful research about it. Training is also required (this will enable you learn techniques and strategies in car washing).
(9) Catering Services: You have to be an expert in cooking before thinking of starting this business. Enrol in a good cooking school (it can be online) to learn how to become a good cook. Good business plan is needed, Obtaining license, Buying of equipments and marketing are also needed when starting a catering business. If you enjoy cooking food a lot then catering is for YOU.
(10) Cyber Cafe Business: Cyber cafe also known as internet cafe is a place for checking email, chatting online and doing all internet related stuff with computers and desktops. You will need a good location, business plan, business registration, computers and enough space to accommodate your computers and people. You can profit from this business if your location is where the demand for internet services are needed.
Requirements & Cost Needed In Investing In Nigeria
Any investment business requires good market research and detailed planning. You will also need a business plan before launching out your business successfully: Here are the requirements needed in investing in Nigeria:
(1) Business Plan: Write a good business plan for your investment business, This should include: goals, aims, objective, target markets, your marketing plan and competitive analysis.
(2) Branding: Choose a good name for your business: the name of this blog media is “CrystaNet”, And before choosing any business name, search online both social media & Google to see if the name is already in use. Ensure that you won’t bear the same name with any other organization.
(3) Business Location: The location of your business should be easy to recognised. When choosing a location for your business; Research on other existing businesses in the area to know how they are faring. A good business location is an added advantage to business success.
(4) Registration: Your investment business need to be registered with Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The requirements include: personal information, business information, passport, address, telephone and etc. After registration you have to wait for 7 days or probably 2 weeks to get your certificates and other license.
(5) Marketing: Promote your business; you can do that by creating a brochure, website, business cards, advertisement both online and offline, You can reach potential customers through Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Instagram Ads. Your marketing is done according to your targets market written on your business plan.
Cost Of Starting/Investing In Any Business In Nigeria:
Cost of investing in Nigerian business is based on your location, your scales (small scale or large scale) and the type of business you want to invest in.
Most of the small scale investment opportunities cost around N500,000 to N1.8 million, while most of the large scale investment opportunities cost around N2 million to N70 million. Home based business opportunities cost about N60,000 to N350,000
Note: The estimate cost depends on your size of operation.
Irrespective of the business opportunities listed above, there are so many other investment opportunities in Nigeria. Now is the time for you to choose one today, invest in Nigeria and make profits…