Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Telecommunication Company In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting your own telecommunication company in Nigeria? If yes, then here on this article you will learn about the requirements to start a telecommunication in Nigeria.

Telecommunication involves the transmission of signals over long distances for the purpose of communication and this just encompasses more than just telephones. Telecommunication offers services like internet, cellular phone networks and other services.

How To Start A Telecommunication Company In Nigeria

If you are interested in owning or operating your own telecommunication, Follow these steps to get up and running:

1. Choose The Type Of Telecommunication You Want To Start

When starting a telecommunication you have to decide whether to start an internet provider, supply phone systems to businesses or to develop or sell softwares used in phone systems. You should know that all this fall under the category of telecommunications.

This is the first step to take after you must have decided the type of telecommunication services you want to offer. Then you take the further required steps to get your business running.

2. Create A Professional Business Plan

You will need a professional business plan to get you started and lead you to the part of being successful in the telecommunication industry. If you can’t create a sound business plan you have to hire the services of a professional to work on creating one for you.

A professional business plan should consist of the executive summary of your business, your business description, your competitive analysis, financial accumulation, managerial plans, developmental plans and a good marketing strategies.

3. Decide On The Business Name And Register Your Business

You will have to figure out a successful name for your telecommunication business, And there will be a compulsory need to register the name (business) with the government regulatory agency. That is registering at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Then obtain the necessary licensing from government regulatory agency.

It is 100% important to certify your telecommunication company. It is very compulsory to be under the law, regulation and authorities of the agencies in charge of telecommunicatiom, And because the telecommunications is regulated by the Federal Government your licences also have to come from the federal. There are criterias required of you from the agency’s, Ensure you meet up with all.

4. Advertise Your Telecommunication Business

If eventually, you were successfully approved, your main focus will be about reaching more people. Online and offline marketing will be required.

Leverage the power of social media to reach more customers, reach out to radios, newspapers and televisions.

Cost Of Starting A Telecommunication Company In Nigeria

Starting a telecommunication company is challenging. But with the right unique exuberance and having the required fund, Getting the permit and finally getting approved, Starting a telecommunication will be a lucrative venture.

If you want to start a telecommunication in Nigeria you need to have millions of Dollars or less to establish a successful Telecommunication Company.