Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Poultry Business In Nigeria

Starting a poultry business in Nigeria requires a good knowledge of the business. If you want to be a poultry farmer you must be ready to take lots of responsibilities. You must take it as a business while growing your farm.

Choosing the type of poultry, stocking your farm, raising the poults, and building your poultry farm are all part of the farming system. Then as your poultry farm grows, you will be able to promote and build your customer base.

Poultry farming in Nigeria is a profitable venture because there is always demand for eggs and poultry meat on daily basis and we strongly believe that poultry meat are more healthy for human consumption.

Poultry farming requires a careful rearing, because any slightest mistake might wipe out the entire birds.

5 Major Reasons Why Poultry Business Is Very Profitable In Nigeria

1. Poultry products are very rich in protein and protein is essential for body functioning and development.

2. There is a ready market for all poultry products starting from eggs to the meat.

3. The reproduction rate is very high.

4. Poultry farming is a very profitable business in Nigeria since there is quick return on investment.

5. You can start a poultry business in Nigeria with little capital, However, making it more easy for people to venture into it.

Challenges Of Poultry Farming In Nigeria And Possible Solutions

Even as the industry is very lucrative, poultry farming have so many challenges involves in it, although it may vary from location to location, environment to environment and from the farmers.

Here are the common problems facing poultry farming:

1. Lack Of Knowledge About Poultry Farming

This has been the major problem of poultry farmers, The starting point always determines how the business will be. If you want to succeed in poultry business you should not rush into it because you had it is very profitable, you will need the right information.

Others also make mistake of getting information from wrong source.

Solution: The major solution is just having the knowledge about poultry farming. Get the right information from a reliable and trusted source.

2. Issues Related To Disease

Diseases and parasites can wipe out the entire birds. Poultry birds are too sensitive to any disease if the environment is not properly kept. Buy healthy breeds when purchasing from other farmers.

Solution: You have to be observant. Once you notice any symptoms, endeavour to treat them immediately. Inform your veterinary doctor he or she will prescribe the right drugs for them.

3. Financial Problems

This is among the major problems in poultry farming. In one area or the other, capital contributes to the success of the poultry farm and it is through capital that determines the level of your farm and equipment needed. Poultry farm in may require little capital but enough capital is needed to sustain your farms.

Solution: You can raise capital for your poultry business from assistance from friends and families, through business loans, angel investors or even your savings. We don’t advise for loans but since you can’t raise the capital by yourself the only option is the business loan.

The government should also try and empower upcoming poultry farmers.

4. Improper Management

It has come to notice that some poultry farmers lacks what it takes to manage their poultry farm. Good hygiene is needed for the best performance of your birds. Ensure that your farm are properly cleaned, wash their drinkers and feeders after use.

9 Requirements Needed In Starting A Poultry Business In Nigeria

Here are the steps to start a poultry business in Nigeria:

1. Choosing A Breed (Category)

There are two categories involves in poultry farming; Egg production and meat production. You can decide to go for the two and when thinking about meat production, there are breed suitable for poultry farming in Nigeria which involves broilers, layers and cockerels.

Poultry meat production is a profitable farming business and it has potentials for higher revenue.

2. Find A Good Location

The location of a poultry farm matters a lot and very important for the success of your poultry business.

There are options for you to start a poultry farm in your backyard depending on the space. if there isn’t enough space you can rent space or buy land outside people’s inhabitants. Ensure your poultry farm is pollution free, And the site should be easily accessible by road and not a complicated areas.

3. Create A Business Plan For Your Poultry Farm

Outline plans on how to run your poultry business and analyse your long-term goals for next two to five years. Add plans or informations like target market, farm structure, objectives, services and your marketing strategy.

If you are running a poultry meat production you should include plans on how you will raise your birds, your revenue goals and your marketing plans for your poultry products.

4. Choose A Good Housing System

A good housing method is very necessary for poultry business in Nigeria. The housing design varies in accordance with various types of poultry raising methods, a good poultry housing is important for protecting your poultry birds.

The housing should have enough space to permit free movement of the birds. Ensure that the housing is properly ventilated and protected from sunlight.

5. Purchase All The Equipment Needed For Your Poultry Business

The equipment needed depends on whether you are running an egg production or poultry meat production farm. Probably, here are equipment to purchase for your poultry farm: Brooders, cages, crates, egg trays, feeders, incubators, lighting instruments, perches, waste disposal system, heaters, nested, coops, etc.

6. Consider Whether To Hire Workers For The Poultry

Hiring workers depends solely on the size of your farm. If you have less than a 100 to 300 birds, you should be able to take care of the farm by yourself. You may need additional help when your birds are too numerous. You can start on a small scale and grow big.

7. Buying Your Poults

After setting up your farm and buying of equipments, you should buy a healthy poults from a breeder or agricultural supply garm. If you are a starter don’t buy more than 500 birds while establishing your farm.

Feed your best daily and prevent malnourishment. You can give them chicken corn, cabbage or halve grape. Good feeds keeps your birds healthy and productive. Let there be adequate supply of water.

8. Medication

Diseases spread too quickly between poultry birds, so observe them regularly for illness or pest infestation. If you notice any sign of abnormalities in your birds, hire a veterinary to diagnose and treat your birds.

9. Advertise Your Poultry Farm

Though, there is already an established market waiting to buy more from poultry farmers. That doesn’t stop you from marketing your poultry products. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to your marketing and sales of your poultry products to maximize your profit.

Cost Of Starting A Poultry Business In Nigeria

The cost of starting a poultry business in Nigeria solely depends on the scale of business you are planning to start. And as well, you calculate the cost of starting a poultry business in Nigeria based on location, equipments, number of birds to purchase, medication, feeding cost and all other expenses.

Whether small-scale, medium scale or large-scale, A standard poultry business can cost about $10,000. Note: you can start a small-scale poultry farm with less than $500.
Poultry business in Nigeria is really lucrative and great agribusiness idea to start in Nigeria.