Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Laundry Business In Nigeria

A laundry business offers a tangible and a valuable services many people are searching for. Starting a laundry business in Nigeria is very lucrative since there will always be high demand for cleaning services, for clothing and other household items.

This kind of business is very valuable and viable in all location. With the right planning and steps starting a laundry business can be an exciting way to make money in Nigeria.

Laundry business often referred to as dry cleaning business can be very easy to start even with no much experience but you need to get trained because you will likely face plenty of competitors. Before you open shop ensure that you have found a suitable location, discovered how you will differentiate yourself from the competition and fulfilling other research requirements.

How To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria

You can follow the below steps to start a laundry business in Nigeria:

1. Have The Experience

Before opening a laundry shop try working in an existing laundry shop for a few months to a year. This will help you determine if the laundry business is the right one for you, and you can acquire valuable skills that you can use to run your own laundry business.

You can as well learn a lot about the type of equipment needed, the cost of starting a laundry and how to interact better with your customers.

There are many options of doing some research by reading online to learn the requirements of running a laundry business in Nigeria, read books about the business, ask questions to already existing personnel’s in the industry.

2. Business Research

As far as you have never worked in the field of business before, there are chances that you may have a little difficulties establishing your business. That is why, it is very important to research the market.

Ensure to analyse the market by determining how many laundry services exist in your area. Don’t start your laundry business in an oversaturated market (area).

3. Find A Suitable Location

A good location is very important to your laundry business. The location can also be determined by your startup capital. It is advisable to find a suitable place with less competition. An oversaturated area and may hinder customers, although good customer services can win more customers for you.

Irrespective of anything, consider the locations in open places. Places that are close to the road where people can notice your services (which means the place should be a busy area). A residential areas is advice.

4. Write A Business Plan

This involves the formal declaration of your goals, plans and attaining them professionally. Your business plan serve as a template for your business and this may be important to secure funding for your business if you intend for one.

Your business plan should start with the organisation of the business as it lays foundation for company’s managerial structure and your goals in maintaining your laundry business. Describe your business services and map out your marketing strategy.

5. Register Your Laundry Business

You will need to register your laundry business and getting permit and licence to operate a laundry business, you may probably need to renew your licence and permit on a required day.

Based on your location you should contact your local and state officials to obtain the necessary licence and documents to start a laundry business in Nigeria. Ensure to avoid anything that may interfere your business in the future.

6. Purchase The Equipment Needed
To Start A Laundry Business

You can’t run a laundry business without laundry equipment. This process of buying the equipment can be expensive but you can start small by buying equipment for small scale startup.

Purchase from reputable equipment producers and dealers, or consider good factors about the equipment before buying any of the equipment.

Here are some of the equipment needed to start laundry business: washers, dryers pressing machines, steamers, steam boilers, sink, ironing board, stain removers, baking soda, laundry additives, sewing kit, waste bin, etc.

7. Hire Staff

Keep a mind that hiring staff is an option depending on the scale of the laundry business. It will be the best option if your staffs are more experience and knows their role to perform at the laundry business.

8. Market Your Laundry Business

Market your laundry business by advertising your business locally both online and offline. Note that marketing your new laundry business is essential in bringing in and attracting customers to try your services.

However in terms of online advertisement social media allows businesses to advertise their services and let customers reach out to them directly.

Here are some other major ways to market your laundry business:

1. Putting a signpost outside your laundry shop
2. Printing flyers
3. Through word-of-mouth adverts
4. Offering a home delivery services
5. Doing home delivery and pick up
6. Offering discounts to people
7. Reduction in price rate compared to other laundry services in your area.

In terms of marketing, you can be unique from your competitors by improving your specialised services and by offering free wireless internet, television display, etc.

Cost Of Starting A Laundry Business In Nigeria

Laundry business can be expensive to start. Thereby you can estimate the cost of opening a laundry business by calculating the training fee, equipment cost, shop rent, cost of business registration, business plan development fee, staff hiring fee and cost of marketing.

However, you should budget around $5000 to $50,000 on a small scale, And then $100,000 and above for large-scale laundry services.