Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Daycare Center In Nigeria

Daycare centers in Nigeria are becoming too high in demand than before, and if you love offering services to children, opening one will be the right business choice.

You can decide to start small by running your daycare center from home or in a commercial way depending on your budget.

On this article, you will find out the steps you need to follow to start a daycare and how to establish. It is a successful venture.

The profitability of the daycare center is rapidly growing, thats why business starters, enterpreneurs or a newbies should embark on this business.

How To Start A Daycare Center In Nigeria

Here are the requirements needed to start a daycare center in Nigeria:

1. Understand How The Industry Works:

If you are interested in starting a daycare center, you probably need to understand how it works perfectly. You must be very ready to take the responsibilities involves in running a daycare services.

There are expectations from the parents towards their children in your daycare, will you be able to give them a satisfactory offer? Thats why you must know all the pros and cons of the business.

2. Choose Your Niche:

Determine the type of daycare you want to open. There are two major ways of running a daycare services, through home day or a center based daycare.

The home-based daycare services are less expensive to start, unlike the center or commercial based daycare services that requires larger spaces and more expenses.

3. Get Business Permits And License:

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To open a legitimate daycare center in Nigeria, it’s very important to obtain a license which usually have a due date for renewal. Make enquires about the licensing requirements of your state to run a successful daycare business, because the requirements may vary base on your state.

Ensure that your daycare is following or in accordence with the law/regulations of your state.

4. Choose A Good Location:

A good location will be needed for a commercial daycare services, and should accomodate the number kids that will join, both equipments and other materials. A residential areas is totally recommended to reach your target market.

Ensure that the environment is very safe, which will have an area where kids can play games together and have a comfortable movement.

5. Buy The Equipment Needed To Start A Daycare Center:

Purchase equipments for your daycare business like Toys, books, Generator, Toiletires, mads, beds, television, art supplies, chairs, etc. Ensure that all the equipments are safe for the children.

In addition; you should have plates, cups, and even providing healthy snacks, water and juice for the children. Ensure that you have a clean bathroom for your daycare operations, and endeavour to buy safe bathroom equipment.

6. Home Staff:

Depending on the size of your daycare center, you may decide to employ staffs that will assist in running your daycare business.
Always do a proper investigations before employing any staff, run a background check, as well as checking criminal-record of the person, you need to be very careful.

Now you have employed a trusted staffs, set hours for your daycare operation, so that parents will know when to drop their kids and when to pick them up. Definitely, you will also have to set your price; that is how much you charge for your daycare services.

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7. Marketing Your Daycare Center:

Create awareness and let people know that you are open for business. You can advertise through newspapers, online, radio and television to reach more people.

Approach parents and discuss about your daycare services with them.

Cost Of Starting A Daycare Center In Nigeria

Starting a daycare center in Nigeria requires a lot of market research, planning and developing a good marketing strategies that will work out for your business.

After going through the processes discussed above on how to start a daycare center, you can now be able to know how to calculate or estimate the required capital needed to get started.

One can start a day care center in Nigeria with less than $5000 or more depending on the size.

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