Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Cyber Cafe In Nigeria

Cyber cafe or internet cafe is a place for email checking, playing online games, chatting online, browsing and a place that offers a computer related services.

A cyber cafe will provide you an opportunity to make money in Nigeria so far as you provide a safe place were people can use the computer to run their day to day activities.

How To Start A Cyber Cafe Business In Nigeria

Below are steps you need to follow to start a profitable cyber cafe in Nigeria:

1. Write A Detailed Business Plan:

You have to create a detailed business plan writing down the services you need to offer and the kind of clients needed. Approach other cyber cafe owners, and ask them about the merits and challenges of the business, this can help you formulate a solid plan for your business.

Still on the business plan; you have to investigate and evaluate the competitions in the cyber cafe in your area. Then from your research you have to enumerate every details it will take to establish and run a successful cyber cafe in Nigeria. Describe how you intend to run the business for long term, the equipment needed, and also make a clear view on your marketing plan.

Ensure that your business plan is quite understandable with a clear explanation on how you intend to run your business successfully by accomplishing your goals and objectives.

2. Choose A Good Location For Your Cyber Cafe

Find a suitable location that is likely to attract steady customers. Locating closer to an institution, school or college is another great way of attracting potential customers. You may as well locate near a hotel or eatery as it could benefits your business by attracting travelers.

Contacting agents is another important way of fing a good location. A good agent will be able to find a suitable location that can meet up a cyber cafe requirements, both space for accomoodate your business entirely.

There are factors to consider when you or the agents finds the location for your business: observe the area and analyze how frequently individuals passes their, also observe whether it meets up with the requirements to set up a cyber cafe. We gave a little above, about the needed environment.

3. Choose A Name And Register Your Business:

Choose a unique name that does’t conflict with other peoples name, search for the name to ensure that no one has eventually used the name before.

Register your business if compulsory. Business registration is done through the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Obtain license from the regulatory agencies in charge of the cyber cafe’s in your state.

Ensure that the necessary permits and licenses are up to date and complete.

4. Purchase The Needed Equipment:

Buy the important equipments needed to start a cyber cafe, purchase tables and chairs, air conditioning units, standby generators, computers, laptops, network cable, renters, pointers, crimping tools, computer product licensis, computer virus softwares, etc.

Irrespective of the equipment you have bought, you also need to design your office layout. Your cyber cafe can look attractive depending on how it is been finished. The tables, hairs and all the equipments should be probably organized.

Now set up the cyber cafe to be up and running by installing the needed softwares networks and security system. Find softwares that can protect your computers from getting virus. You can offer other services like snacks and drinks preparation.

5. Employ Staff:

Depending on the scale of your cyber cafe to assist in the needed operation. Choose staff that have knowledge about computers and it related services. Ensure to do a proper investigation before employing.

Make out timetables for your employers, and decide in their hours of operation, and make sure you pay your staff according to the agreed price for payment.

6. Offer Other Computer Related Services:

Cyber cafe is beyond emails, checking exams, checking results, browsing, playing online games and so on. In order to maximize your profits, you need to offer other computer related services like printing, scanning, web designing and photocoping.

In fact, you can add a graphics designing business to make it more profitable, through it depends on your budgets and your workforce capability.

7. Promote Your Cyber Cafe:

You can achieve this by printing fliers, advertising on newspapers, radios and television, most importantly, through social media and the word of month.

Cost Of Starting A Cyber Cafe In Nigeria

How much does it cost to start a cyber cafe? This is one of the questions people ask online when searching for the procedures involves to open a cyber a cyber cafe.

However, you cannot say that is the actual money needed to start a cyber cafe, but you can estimate base on the location, business registration, the number of equipments, the side of the cyber cafe and many other factors.

Thereby we can estimate this business to coast around $3500 to $15,000 to start a medium scale cyber cafe in Nigeria.