Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Opening a car wash business can be lucrative for business minded individuals. There are many factors to consider before starting a car wash business in Nigeria, there factors includes good location, kind of service to offer, good marketing strategy and eventually, a good business plan.

Irrespective of these factors, starting a car wash business requires good planning and plenty attention in order to make it a lucrative business.

You need to consider whether you will go for self service, automatic, hand wash, mobile or combinations of all these viable options, but ensure you carefully research the market to know the prons and cons involves in any car wash business.

How To Open A Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Here are step by step guide to start a car wash in Nigeria:

1. Conduct Market Research:

Conduct research in your area to determine how all the successful car wash business offer/run their services, and to know the trending technologies they are using. You can approach car wash owners to understand more or how they operates.

There are many processes involves while conducting your market research, you can read online and offline publicators to know the latest materials and equipments in town, it is very important to stay updated to new development.

You also have the opportunity to investigate the competitive levels in car wash business in your area. Know what services they offer? Their prices? How they market their business, and how frequent customers use their services.

As you are investigating, you have to be taking note thoroughly. You also have to focus on some other business around the car wash services in your area, and know how they contribute to their growth.

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2. Create A Detailed Business Plan:

After conducting a good market research, you have to create a business plan base on your research. A good business plan is very important in securing finances to start up your car wash.

Dont forget that your business plans should include your car wash description, the conducted market analysis, the management steps, the services to render, marketing strategies, etc.

On the market analysis page, it should state your knowledge about the business, your customers and a clear objective on how to make it a success.

3. Choose A Suitable Location:

You need a location that has a space requirements for a car wash business. Here are also how to identify a good location for your car wash business: residental area, high traffic area, accessible areas, near shopping centers, etc.

The location must possess the listed characteristics. It will also be a nice idea to contact agents to find the best location for you.

4. Register Your Business:

If you want to set up your own car wash business, you have to submit a business registration form to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
You have to pay an agreed fee when registering your business, though the fee vary from state to state.

Some documents will be required like your identity card, articles of association, completed form about your company, your residence and work address permit.

Probably, if you want to make your car wash business legal, don’t delay registering your business.

And moreover, you will need to get the necessary permits and licences, the needed requirements differs according to your state.

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Also ask your local government about the needed insurance processes for your car wash business. Once the needed permits and licenses are in place, you now need to renew your license before the due dates.

5. Buy The Equipment Needed To Start A Car Wash Business:

The equipment needed solely depends whether you are going for a hand wash services, automatic, self-services or mobile car wash business, however, you will need to buy pressure washer, conveyor, wax, spot free rinses, clearing solutions, dryers, blowers, valcuums, brushes, towels, compressors, pumps, and some water systems like boilers, water heater, water filtration, extractor etc.

When buying the car wash equipments, ensure that the manufacturers are trusted and reliable.

There are factors to consider when purchasing equipments, just make sure the equipment are all good, and make sure the manufacturers are available to service any of the equipment when needed.

6. Hire Car Wash Operators:

Now that your car wash business is up and running, you will need to hire staff. The requirements process requires a careful analysis of the persons you are employing.

Avoid arrogant beings, as they may chase your potential clients away with their behaviour. Thats why you need to check their level of communication skills and their customer good relation skills.

7. Get Started With Your Car Wash Services:

Now that everything is all set, it will be the best time to start your car wash services. You may decide to open your car wash business with an occassion like parties or other several event to create awareness to people.

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You can as well combine other business to your car wash business like bar, eatery business, barbing salon, football viewing center, etc. Thats why you need enough space that can accomodate your business.

8. Market Your Car Wash Business:

You will need to implement your marketing strategies in order for your car wash to be successful.

Your marketing should both involves online and offline promotion. You may decide to offer discount to your new customers, you can also decide to print posters and flyers.

Don’t forget to have a bill board containing the name of your car wash business at your shop.

Cost Of Starting A Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Car wash business is a lucrative business one should consider when searching for business to start in Nigeria.

When listing out some of the businesses worth investing, you must see a car wash as an option. Therefore, it requires a proper market analysis before thinking of starting one in Nigeria.

The startup capital for a car wash business in Nigeria range from $10,000 to $500,000.

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