Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Cake Business In Nigeria

Cake baking is a profitable business to start in Nigeria. Cake is a type of food made from sugar, flour and other ingredients, it is a sweet dessert that is typically baked.

Cake is one of the most consumed snacks and Nigeria. The demand for cake is very high most especially during weekend for events like birthday, wedding ceremony, wedding anniversary, baby shower, etc. One of the best way of making an occasion or events memorable is by getting a cake and sharing with loved ones.

If you have a zeal for cake making and want to go into business yourself, opening a cake business may be a career worth considering.

6 Reasons To Start A Cake Business In Nigeria

1. Cake are very high in demand.

2. Cakes are very much affordable.

3. Cakes sell in all seasons.

4. Cakes are used in various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and therefore making it a hot cake in the market.

5. You can work at home.

6. Baking cakes can be fun.

Starting A Cake Business In Nigeria

The following are ways of starting a cake business in Nigeria:

1. Get Trained

Becoming a cake baker requires you to undergo training in case you don’t have any idea about baking cake. Therefore, you can get the experience by enrolling in a training program at any baking supermarket or you can be an apprentice to learn more basic baking skills.

Mainly, it is very common that bakers start out as an apprentice in a bakery shop learning all the requirements involved in baking, both icing and decorating.

You can as well register yourself into a culinary school which can help to improve your creativity and learn different skills and techniques as a baker. Endeavour to take all the courses serious as they have a reasonable value to offer.

2. Choose A Location

One of the best factors that determines how successful a cake business can be is the location. Ensure that the location is aligned to your services.

And note that an area with already existing cake business may affect your growth in the sense that they have been known for long. But your unique services may pave way for you. All we advice is avoiding saturated areas full of cake shops.

3. Name Your Cakery And Register Your Business

You need to name your cake business, avoid complicated names. The name should be clearly identified and pronounceable. Note that simple names for your cake business can play a vital role in its success.

Now register your business, apply for permits in order to get a go-ahead licence for your cake business. Register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission. You can as well purchase a liability insurance.

4. Create A Business Plan

Having a business plan will assist you develop a tactics for the success of your business. Your cake business plan focuses on your product, competition, target market, your capital and your marketing strategy. It is also essential for getting loans from investors and banks.

5. Purchase The Equipment Needed For Cake Business

To start a cake making business you will need to buy the needed equipment for cake baking, such equipments includes bowls, baking pans, food mixer, lang smoother, a dredger, cooling rack, cake tins, mixing bowls, measuring jug, measuring spoons, marzipan spears, food processor, baking parchment, pastry brush, ovens, palette knife, spatula, whisk and raw materials for making cakes.

There are so many other materials and tools needed that are essentials too, it is now left for you.

You may also need all the equipments like cleaning tools and supplies, seatings for customers, etc. All these should be on your plans.

6. Hire Staffs

If you are operating on a large scale you will need to employ staff to help you run your cake business. Some of the roles needed are the counter staff, production bakers, specialty cake bakers and kitchen help.

When hiring staff look for people with the experience in performing their roles.

7. Setting Your Pricing

Once you have successfully opened your cake business, setting price for your cakes is another important aspect. First, it starts with telling your friends and families how you charge your services and products.

Be unique with your prices, but charge enough in order to make a profit. Consider what your competitors are charging and be unique in your own way.

8. Market Your Cake Business

To start a cake business, advertise your services and products using the word of mouth, through friends and families to promote your business. You can also hand out flyers to people.

Another powerful tools to advertise your cake business is the social media, bring your business online because you can generate a lot of sales online and this can be a great way of going popular both locally and internationally.

Cost Of Starting A Cake Business In Nigeria

Cake making is a fast-growing trend in Nigeria, and thereby the exact amount needed to start a cake business in Nigeria varies according to the processes it took before being established.

Starting a cake business in Nigeria might cost between $400 to $5000 on a minimum start up cost.


Starting a cake business in Nigeria won’t always be fun as you may need to work hard to achieve success especially as a new starter. Be prepared to make sacrifices and working seriously with your time if you want your cake business to be successful.