Requirements And Cost Of Starting A Barbing Salon In Nigeria

Starting a barbing salon in Nigeria is the right decision to make. However, if you’re interested in cutting hair, it can be a profitable business for you.

Find out the necessary requirements to start a barber shop by being experience. Develop business plan, setup your barbing salon and promote your business. That is what is involved in starting a barbing salon business in Nigeria.

A good barbing salon offers quality services to their customers. Their customers whether female or male should be satisfied with their desired haircut. And because of the professional services rendered many will return to your barber shop, that is why you need to obtain the right information and knowledge about running a good barbing salon.

According to research, barber comes from Latin word known as “beard”, This shows that traditionally, barbershops were run by men for the sole aim of trimming and shaving a man’s facial hair. But today, services like dyeing, cutting and styling hairs are been offered for both men and women.

How To Start A Barbing Salon In Nigeria

Follow the below steps to start a barbing salon business:

1. Gain The Experience

Approach a barbershops and explain to them that you want to learn how to barb. You have to sign an agreement on how long you wish to apprentice there and what you do after learning how to barb. There, you will work as a barber apprentice and be learning and barbing clients hair.

2. Create A Strong Business Plan

You have to create a business plan for the barbing salon, make research on barber shops in your area, identify their market trends, needs and void within the industry.

With the analysis you can be able to put down how you are going to run your own barbing business and be unique from your surrounding competitors.

3. Locate A Good Place For Your Barbing Salon

The location should be highly accessible by foot and vehicle. Find a location that does not have much competition and that meets your target market. The location should be in a busy area with a high traffic. This will attract customers to your barbershop.

4. Buy The Necessary Barbing Salon Equipment

Do a good research before purchasing equipment and here are some of the equipment needed to start a barbing salon; clippers, sterilizer, sound system, rotating chair, large wall mirrors, air conditioner or fan, generator, comb and hair dryers, shears, after shave lotions, televisions etc.

5. Register Your Business

Register your barbing salon with the CAC, also obtain a business licence. The processes varies from state-to-state, In most cases you can obtain your licence from your local government. The licences involves the information about your shop, address, type of business and other necessities.

Know that there are differences between business licence and barbers licence. The barbers licence is what makes you a barber and it is usually gotten from barbers Association, While the business licence is important for you to operate a business.

If it can also be easy for you, we will advise you to get insurance for your barbershop. The insurance includes liability or accident insurance, fire, flood and other sort of insurance to protect your barbing salon.

6. Promote Your Shop

You can promote your barbershop through newspaper, radio station and by giving out flyers. Another important aspect of marketing is the word of mouth which is very effective.

Endeavor to satisfy the customers need as the services rendered can turn out to build massive customers for you.

Use multiple advertising methods such as promoting online through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to reach out to potential customers.

You can consider developing a website for your barbing salon business which displays your address, hours of working, name of business, services you provide in your shops and your contacts.

Offering a good discount on your services is also another good option to build large customer base.

Cost Of Starting A Barbing Salon In Nigeria

If you are planning on starting a barbing salon in Nigeria depending on the type you want to start with, You are required between $2000 and above to start your barbing salon.

Follow all the requirements above to establish a profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria. Don’t forget to arrange your shop in order. And when hiring barbers endeavour to hire barbers with the right experience and good customer services.