Republican Form Of Government: Meaning And Characteristics

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Republican Government
2. Characteristics Of A Republican Government
Meaning Of Republican Form Of Government
Republican government is a form of government that is headed by a president, elected for a fixed term of office. Republican government is a form of representative democracy in which government is by the consent of the people. Nigeria has several republics Example
1. 1st Republic (1963-1966), Nnamdi Azikiwe was elected the president (Ceremonial head of state) in a parliamentary or cabinet system.
2. 2nd Republic: 1979-1983 Alhaji Shehu Shaigari was elected the executive president of Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, U.S.A, India etc are examples of republican government.
Characteristics Of A Republican Government
1. Republican government is based on popular representation.
2. Succession to different political offices is through popular election.
3. Election are held periodically (Either four or five years as the case may be).
4. The political leaders must be responsive and accountable to the people they are representing.
5. There are limitation to the exercise of power.
6. There is supremacy of the constitution.
7. Leasers can only hold office for a fixed term.
8. Popular sovereignty is with the people (i.e the people have the ultimate power to elect their political leader).
9. All citizens have equal opportunity to vote or to contest any elective post in the system.