Readiness In Marriage |Social Studies

Table Of Contents
1. Conditions For Marriage
2. Effects Of Lack Of Readiness On Marriage Relationship
Conditions For Marriage
There are numerous conditions under which a man and a woman can get into marriage. Here are some of them:
1. Physiological Fitness
It is important that the two people wishing to go into marriage must prove themselves fit in age and maturity. Physiologically, as to know how the component parts of the body function. Component body functions here relate to the reproductive system, mental health, and others.
2. Psychological Fitness
The behaviour of the man and the woman should be transparent enough to each other with regard to attitudes towards themselves, father and mother in-laws to be, sisters and brothers” in-laws to be; the way and manner to behave towards the members of the public and others.
3. Social Stability
The two people going into marriage should be socially and consistently stable. They must have maturity in growth, age and development to enable them absorb emotional shock and trauma in marriage relationship.
4. Medical Tests
This is very important condition in marriage today. Medical tests help to prove whether the couples-to-be can be compatible or not. This is because some terminal diseases in the society today strongly suggest so. Such diseases like HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anaemia and others, are rampant. These deadly diseases can be detected in good time through medical tests. Inability to have thorough insight of medical diagnosis may cause serious fracture in marriage.
5. Financial Readiness
The man and the woman wishing to get into marriage should have skills and competences that could fetch them regular income to help them attend to daily needs of the ever changing society. The two should be adequately equipped to face the realities of married life and stay together to resolve these realities.
Effects Of Lack Of Readiness On Marriage Relationship
Lack of readiness on marriage relationship has many negative effects because marriage is an institution that has not graduated anybody. The negative effects:
1. Constant Fight
Immature and feeble minded people who jump into marriage see themselves as punching bags. Frequent quarrels, misunderstanding, incessant conflicts, etc, witnessed by neighbours and passersby, both wearing worried outlook, the woman attempting to run-back to her home, are evidence of unprepared marriage which open way for a third party to come into the matrimonial home.
Couples who fight are inexperienced and should go for counselling and know how to behave in the marriage institution. They should know that there is no Rose Flower without a Torn. The ups and downs of marriage should be properly understood and imbibed to help them to remove instability in the marriage.
2. Divorce
Lack of readiness also brings about divorce in marriage. Divorce is an unfortunate ill-wind that blows the couples apart it is a serious accident that inflicts injury to both parties.
Causes Of Divorce
1. Sterility or barrenness.
2. Settled dislike among the couples.
3. Continued cruelty.
4. The practice of juju, magic and witch craft.
5. Poverty in the home.
6. Unemployment.
7. Infidelity.
8. Prolonged illness.
9. Religious superiority.
10. Failure to adapt.
11. Sudden retrenchment, dismissal, retirement and death.
12. Incompatible customs, and political ideology and philosophy.
13. Differences in academic attainment.
3. Lack Of Readiness Results In Broken Homes
A broken home is a home where the man and his wife have agreed to divorce. Such a home is not intact. It is therefore fractured or broken.
Broken home has the following negative effects:
1. Feeling of insecurity.
2. Lack of trust.
3. Lack of love and loyalty to anyone.
4. It leads to juvenile delinquency.
5. Leads to financial challenges how family money will be shared, the custody of the children and payment of alimony, etc.