How To Start A Profitable Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

Rabbit farming is one of the successful business opportunities in Nigeria. Even though rabbit meat is not that popular unlike poultry, goat, pork and beef meat, but it is very profitable. The biggest producer of rabbit meats are Italy, China, France and Spain. Nigeria can also take part in this life changing opportunity.
If you are interested in starting a rabbit farm in Nigeria, then this article will share the best information on rabbit farming. Do you know that rabbit meat have the highest amount of proteins and it’s cholesteral & fat are very low. In fact below are the benefits and advantages of rabbit farming in Nigeria:
A. Rabbit are very easy to raise.
B. It requires little capital for a start.
C. It has health benefits to consumers and also have the highest amount of proteins.
D. It creates opportunities for employment in the Country.
E. The markets demand are very huge.
These are just few of the advantages of rabbit farming. There are some rabbit farmers who started small (from nothing) But now they have achieve success in their venture. Tipsinfluencer Team has done some series of research on rabbit farming and we have found out that rabbits are the most profitable livestock farming in the world, because it’s profit margins are very high, and it doesn’t requires much of your time unlike other livestock farming.
Is Rabbit Farming Profitable
Yes, Rabbit farming is very profitable. The profitability in rabbit farming is very high. Do you know that a single rabbit can give birth to 40 kits in one year. Let’s say you started with 10 rabbits (7 female rabbits and 3 male rabbits) 7×40 kits = 280 kits. That is with 7 female rabbits you can have 280 kits just in one year. And to show how lucrative rabbit farming is; It reaches maturity within 6 months. With this analysis, you now know how successful this business can be.
Breeds Of Rabbit In Nigeria
The good selection of breeds before starting a rabbit farming determines the successful and profits of the business. Identifying the right breed is very important for any rabbit farmer. Below are the breeds suitable for small scale and commercial rabbit farming in Nigeria:
A. White New Zealand.
B. Californian.
C. Satin.
D. English Spot.
E. Angora.
F. Flemish Giants
How To Start A Profitable Rabbit Farming In Nigeria
(1) Good Research: Before you start your rabbit farm, it is very important to research, learn and get knowledge on how to raise rabbits. You can learn that on the internet, YouTube channel. You can also contact other rabbit farmers to get more information (Knowing the common diseases of rabbits, how to prevent them, And also how to construct their hutches).
(2) Housing: Construct the rabbit cages. They should be good in sizes to accommodate the rabbits. You can either construct it yourself or pay for the services of a professional. The housing depends on the availability of space. You can either start at your backyard or any available land. There are two housing method (The Deep liter and the Cage method).
(3) Breeding: Select the breed you want to rear. There are good rabbits breeds like white new zealand, angora, flemish giant, californian, satin etc. It is very important to choose suitable healthy breeds for your farm. Ensure that the female stock are higher in number than the male stock. You can start using our analysis, like 7 females, 3 male’s.
(4) Feeding: Rabbits feed on grass, plant, fruits, leaves etc. They don’t need heavy food, And their feeding requirements varies from morning feeding & evening feeding. Irrespective of them not been a heavy feeder, they should be feed well. Also ensure to take good care of them.
(5) Marketing: Before starting your rabbit farm, you need to have a business plan, and your business plan should consist of a good marketing Plan. Their are several places to market your rabbits; you can sell online, local markets and international markets.
Rabbit farming In Nigeria is one of the successful Agribusiness to consider, After going through this article, you will find out that there is no doubt that this business is very lucrative. It require little capital, rabbits grows very fast and very easy to raise. This article have shown you how to start a successful rabbit farming in Nigeria. And we believe this article will give you several reasons to start rabbit farming business.

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