Information About Starting A Quail Farming In Nigeria

Do you have interest in starting a Quail farming business in Nigeria? This article will give a complete guide on how to start a profitable Quail farming In Nigeria.
Quail farming is one of the profitable and lucrative farming business one can venture into in Nigeria. Quails are reared for different purposes, either for meat production, egg production or both. Quails egg are very high in Demand, that’s what made this business a profitable one. This is business were earnings start within a year. “Buyers are not even a problem” Because the market demand have supersede the level of production, so this will also give you the opportunity to fill in some gaps.
Quail farming is as similar as chicken farming, they belongs to livestock production. This business is quickly growing in Nigeria. If you are looking for the type of livestock to start with, then Quail farming should be considered.
How To Start A Quail Farming In Nigeria: Business Plan
Here are successful ways to establish A Quail farm in Nigeria:
(1) Capital: Consider the money required to start this business and capital that will serve as a maintenance on a long run. Your capital will also determine how fast you will succeed on this business. When creating a business pan, ensure that there is a proper finance, because you will need capital for land, stock purchase, feeds, maintenance, medication and marketing.
(2) Purchase Land: In order to set up a Quail farm in Nigeria, you will need to secure a land that will fit for housing and construction of Quail pens.
(3) Choice Of Breed: Be very selective on the choice of breed you go for (it determines whether you will have a high productivity or not). You have to buy your birds, Small scale requires 50 to 500 birds, Medium scales requires 500 to 5000 birds, While Large scale quail farming requires 5000 & above birds. You buy base on your capital and the scales that fits your criteria.
(4) Equipments: Purchase the necessary equipments for this business. Some of the required equipments for quail farming include: Heater, Thermometer, Hypermeter, Brooder Hove’s, Feeders, Egg tray, Drinkers, Quail pen etc.
(5) Feeds: Ensure that there is appropriate feedings at all time, Purchase feeds for your quail birds. This enhances growth and productivity.
(6) Medication: Preventive measures should be taken when needed. Provide necessary vitamins for their growth, And diseases should be prevented. Also ensure proper management practices.
(7) Hire Workers: Workers should be hired to work on the quail farm if are starting big.
The cost of starting Quail farming depends on the scales you want to do. Let’s just say that the startup capital is between N50,000 to N50,000,000 based on small scale, medium scale & large scale. Cost of number of birds you wish to go for, cost of housing, cost of equipments, cost of feeds, Cost of maintenance. This will give you the appropriate amount needed to set up a Quail farm in Nigeria.
Management Practices In Quail Farming:
The three quail farming (livestock) management practices in Nigeria and other African countries Are:
a. Extensive system
b. Intensive system
c. Semi-intensive system
Extensive System: On this management practice, they birds are allow to move freely and feed themselves.
Intensive System: On this management practice, they birds are indoors in a large poultry house. Their feedings are usually steady. This is the most expensive practices in livestock farming.
Semi-intensive System: The semi-intensive system allows the bird to stay indoor in Poultry house and also stay outside with free movement but have a restricted range, which prevents the birds from missing.

  • The requirements for starting a Quail farm in Nigeria are: The capital, Land, Equipment, Good location, Good management, Proper feedings, And medication when needed.
  • Ensure that there are enough space for the quail birds, this enhance free movement and growth.
  • These are the best guide for any individual interested in setting up a quail farm in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Don’t forget to do a serious research before venturing into this business, And lastly, Associate with farmers who have experience about this quail farming and you will learn a lot from them.