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1. Meaning Of Marriage
2. The Purposes Of Marriage
Meaning Of Marriage
Marriage can be defined as a binding contract between the two parties (man and woman) that joins together their possessions, incomes and lives. On other hand hand, marriage is an institution which gives a man and a woman the right to live together and bear children.
The Purposes Of Marriage
To man, marriage is a duty, a call, a requirement, a rhythm of life in which every normal person involves himself or herself.
The purposes of marriage therefore are as follows:
1. Procreation
The society through marriage permits the married man and woman to bear children or to procreate to increase and multiply their likes as directed by God Almighty as of bible. Through procreation more young ones are born to increase the population of the family and society.
2. Satisfying Economic And Social Needs
Members of the family work together to bring about economic and social activities with the aim of solving and satisfying their immediate economic and social needs. This is done through the harvest of physical and mental efforts.
3. Sexual Satisfaction
Marriage provides opportunity for the married man and woman to enjoy sex for pleasure and procreation. Married couples are not allowed to have sex out of wedlock because of the evils likely to result from such sexual immorality.
4. Growth In Mutual Love
There is growth in mutual love, as the couples join together their possessions, incomes and lives in order to generate more goods and services for the family’s up-keep.
5. Marriage Brings Different families together and this encourages extended family relationship through marriage and blood ties.
6. Marriage Encourages Inheritance and sustenance of the family lineage.

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