Public Service In Democracy: Meaning And Reasons For Shortcoming In The Public Services

Public service consists all agencies or government departments which are primarily concerned with the execution and implementation of public policy.
The agencies include ministries, corporations, authorities publicly owned banks and companies. The entirely of the burea uracies which function under these agencies and institutions is referred to as public service.
The officials serving under the public boards, commissions other than the public service commission, corporations, authorities, banks and public owned companies are not civil servants. They are public servants.
Civil servants, therefore are all those public servants who are directly recruited by public/civil service commission. Civil service function within the public service.
Reasons For The Short Coming In The Public Services
1. Colonial influences.
2. Corruption.
3. Inconsistency of government policies.
4. Blind adherence to precedents and authority.
5. Red tape and delays.
6. Waste of man power and inefficiency.
The Ways Of Improving Public Service
1. Refresher Courses And Training:
Refresher courses and training are vital fasts and means of variable improvement in any human endeavour, especialy in public service.
2. Teaching Of Political In Schools:
Political education is necessary in removing shortcomings of public service. The education should cut across all levels of education- Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and, Public and private schools.

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