Profitable Businesses You Can Start With N10,000 Or More In Nigeria

Do you wish to start a business in Nigeria? Are you looking for Profitable business in Nigeria you can start with N10,000 or more? If YES, In this article, we have prepared for you a list of 10 business ideas which you must consider to start this year in Nigeria. The economy of Nigeria is becoming stronger as each day passes, And it has lead to increase of Profitable business opportunities in Nigeria Today.
10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With N10,000 or More In Nigeria
Here are 10 best Profitable business ideas you can start in Nigeria:
1. Selling Of Fruits & Vegetables:
This business is very important in Nigeria. Although this can be seasonal business in some aspects/areas, unless you live in rural areas. You can make money selling fruits & vegetables in Nigeria. Fruits & Vegetables are very important in human system with lots of health benefits. So the demand is very high, why not consider this business?
2. Phone Repair Business:
You can start a phone repair business with just N10,000. Starting this business is very profitable and rewarding. First you have to acquire the skills, buy your tools like; screw driver, tweezers, spudgers, soldering iron, multimeter, LCD tester, cleaning brush, battery tester, spirit cleanser, magnifying lamp, etc. And plan your business well before getting started.
3. Footwear Business:
This is one of the business opportunities presenting itself in Nigeria. With N10,000 to N15,000 you can purchase your Footwear’s from the producers, distributors or wholesalers, And getting started with your footwear business. Everyone wears slippers, shoes and sandals. How many people have you seen working barefooted on the road (except mad people) ? That is why this business is very lucrative. The market demand is large and the opportunities of making money is Sure.
4. Selling Of Books:
Used books also known as “Second Hand Books” is one of the Profitable business you can start with N10,000. Although the N10,000 might only get you started with 10 to 15 books, But as time goes on, through the income, you might start importing used books within a year. It all requires commitment and being serious with the business. There is indeed an economic impacts of used books business in Nigeria.
5. Cake Making:
Cake making is one of the lucrative business and most consumed baked products in Nigeria. There are ceremonial events which do holds every weekends like weddings, birthday, anniversaries etc, They all needs the service of a cake maker. That is to say that cake making business is a profitable venture.
6. Making plantain Chips:
Plantain chips production can be a good source of income if done well. This business is very easy easy to start with low capital. With N15,000 you can start making a plantain chips. You don’t need a shop or an office to get started, because plantain chips production is one of the home based business ideas & opportunities in Nigeria. Get training, buy your recipes and start making your plantain chips. Showcase your products to neighbours, friend’s & families, colleague, etc. You can also do an online advertisement and target your areas.
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7. Internet Business:
Internet business is the easiest to start, but requires time & dedication to build it. There are lots of Profitable internet business to consider like blogging, freelancing, products reviews, online consultants, affiliate marketing etc. Sometimes internet business are free to get started except for data & bundles. You can make full time income through the internet in a genuine way.
8. Phone Accessories:
This business will be profitable if you can be able to identify what your customers want. Before you start this business you need to be experienced, know your targets market & competitors.
9. Barbeque Business:
Barbeque popularly called “Suya” is one of the profitable business in Nigeria you can start with little capital. It is very important to know all the necessary requirements to start & run this business successfully, the a business plan and marketing strategies.
10. Shampoo Production:
Shampoo business is one of those businesses that can be started with small capital. Starting a shampoo production business must be done having a short and long term goal. This is what it takes to start making shampoo’s: capital, the tools & equipments, recipes , know your targets market, encourage your neighbors and friends to buy your products with good price. The products must be of good quality.
These are the top 10 best profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start with N10,000 or more. All the businesses are quite lucrative, And don’t delay in choosing one and getting started after your research.