Profitable Businesses You Can Start And Invest Between $1000 USD And $1500 USD

Do you want to start a business between $1000 And $1500? Are you looking for business ideas to invest with $1000 or $1500 and make profits? On this article you will find out the list of 10 profitable businesses to invest with less than $1500 and minimum of $1000.
Investment is a good source of earning passive income continuously. Note that every of the investment business opportunities listed below are tested, effective and guaranteed for profits. Another important factor to consider before starting any business is “Research”, Do your own research before doing any investment.
10 Profitable Businesses To Start And Invest Between $1000 And $1500
Here are list of business ideas & opportunities to start with less than $1500 and minimum of $1000:
(1) Restaurant Business
Restaurant business is one of the thriving business in the world. There will always be an ocurance where people will seek for where to eat, that’s why entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity and start a restaurant business.
A restaurant business is an easy to start business and with less than $15000, you can start a standard restaurant business.
(2) Cattle Farming
Cattle meats are widely consumed, and moreover, it is a profitable farming business. First you will need to conduct a feasibility study and get the needed information for cattle farming. You will also need a business plan which will consist your plans, targets, goals etc. When buying cattles buy directly from the farm.
(3) Bar Business
With less than $1500 you can start a lucrative bar business. Bar business requires a strategic planning and a good customer relation in order to win customers. Consider Location, Tools and equipments (like generator, tables, chairs,refrigerator), Drinks, Barbecue, etc.
(4) Pig Farming
Pig farming is becoming very popular every day. It is a great business idea and very profitable. One good thing about pig farming is that your investment can be recovered within a short time. Pig farming is an easy to start business with it’s meat that is high in demand.
Pig farming can be a wonderful source of earnings for investors.
(5) Welding Business
Welding involves the joining of metallic or thermoplastic materials by heating to their melting temperature. This business requires experienced or getting the training first before thinking of starting. Welding is apparently the most important business, because without it, cars, roads, schools can’t operate.
(6) Tissue Paper Production Business
Tissue production industry is high in demand this days. Every investors has an opportunity to venture into this business. The tissue paper is one of the most demand products in the world and almost every houses use it on a daily basis, So the demand will always be high day by day.
Some of the tissue production industry are not able to meet up with the demand, that’s why entrepreneurs should grab the opportunity now. One should carry out investigation (research) so as to study the business pattern well.
(7) Starting An E-commerce Store
There is no doubt that e-commerce store has been creating millionaires around the world. There are various e-commerce store owners making huge profits in this online business.
E-commerce also known as Electronic Commerce is a transaction of buying and selling which takes place online, While E-commerce store is an online site where buying and selling of goods and services takes place. If you want to be successful then you have to be unique with the type of products or services your store offers, then back it up by creating awareness so that people can patronize you.
(8) Graphic Designing Business
Graphic designing business is highly lucrative. Every organization, schools, churches, people etc needs the service of a graphic designer for designs. The designs might include: business cards, book covers, flyers, ebook designs, banners etc. The sole targets of every entrepreneurs is to make profits, So we assure you that graphic designing is highly profitable. You have to obtain a comprehensive training on computer graphics skills to get the knowledge.
(9) Frozen Food Business
Frozen food business is becoming more profitable day by day because of it continuous rise in demand and most families preferred frozen food for easy preservation. You must put things into consideration before starting this business, So when starting this business you must consider the following: Business plan, Capital (Between $1000 and $1500), Good location, Marketing plan, Power supply generator, Equipments like freezer, table, chairs, cabinet, knives, chisel, water container, waste bin, aprons etc.
(10) Makeup Supply Business
A makeup supply business is an easy to start business and it is not capital intensive. It entails getting the right cosmetics that will attract people to buy. Makeup supply business will be profitable because everyone wants to look good and feel good. The only way to profits from this beauty business is to know what your customers wants.
These are the profitable business you can start and invest with less with $1000 or $1500.

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