Profitable Businesses You Can Start And Invest With Less Than $100 USD

Do you want to start a business with $100 or less? Are you looking for small investment opportunities you can start with $100? Then on this article are list of profitable businesses you can start with $100 and make profits if done well. The businesses that will be mentioned here are trusted to generate good income.
Most of the billionaires today started with little capital and now they are very popular all over the world. You can start small now and grow big. Any investment less than $100 startup is known as “Quater Small Scale Business”. Read this article carefully so that you can be able to point out the businesses that can be started with $100.
10 Profitable Businesses To Start And Invest With Less Than $100
Here are list of business ideas to start with less than $100:
(1) Snail Farming
Snail farming is a profitable agricultural business that can be started with less than $100. This business provides an opportunity for individuals to make money in short period of time. The snail meat is high in demand in the market. You can make good income through snail farming only with less than $100 investment.
Here are step by step guide on how to set up a snail farm with a budget of $100:
a. Environment: Look for environment that will be good for snail farming. The environment should be able to prevent excessive winds and also it should not be too dry to the snails.
b. Good Business Plan: Your business plan determines how you are going to run the business, how you will manage your budget, and it gives a picture on how successful you want your snail farm to be.
c. Choosing The Right Soil: Choose soils that will be conducive for your snails, let it be suitable for the snails even when laying eggs. Avoid soils that are too waterlogged, The soil needs to be balanced i.e Not too dry, Not too watery.
d. Constructing Snail House: You can now decide how you want your snail house to be. You construct a snail pen or used a tyre housing method, What matters most is protecting your snails from predators like reptiles, insects etc and also preventing them from escaping, You can achieve this by using galvinized wire or net.
e. Buy The Snails: You can budget $50 for snail purchasing. Buy directly from farm or suppliers. However, you can decide to pick snails from bushes or forest. Snails can be attracted to bushes by sprinkling fruits like pawpaw, pineapple etc, This is usually done in the evening.
The good thing about snail business is that it requires small investment.
(2) Blogging
Starting a blogging business is not difficult at all, In fact people are becoming millionaires through blogging just with the little investment they made. What does it take to be a successful blogger and be making profits? Here are they:
a. Getting The Knowledge: Don’t just jump into blogging business, Get the knowledge about blogging, Go for tutorials and have a mentor to guide you as a newbie.
b. Choose The Right Niche: Don’t try to emulate others. Choose the right niche and probably workout on it. The worst mistake any newbie blogger will make is copying other top bloggers.
c. Creating Your Blog: Hire web designers or programmers to handle/render this service to you. With just $50 you can have a responsive blog. Or you can create and do the designs by yourself if you have the knowledge.
d. Write Contents: Your articles should be original and be a solution to peoples problem. Avoid copy and paste, Let your article add values to your readers.
Blogging is one of the legit ways to earn money online, is not a get rich quick scheme but it should be term as a long term investment project.
3. Ice Cream Business
This is one of the emerging business that requires low investment. Before you start ice cream selling business, first of all you will need to have knowledge on the needed equipments, materials and how to prepare ice crea. There are many factors to consider when starting a small scale ice cream business.
What Are The Materials And Tools Needed For Ice Cream Production?
You will need materials and tools like:

  • Butter
  • Flavour
  • Sugar
  • Additives
  • Spoon
  • Whisker Or Stirring Rod
  • Pot
  • Bowes (big & small)
  • Fresh Milk
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Learn how to produce ice cream, invest and start an ice cream business and make profits.
(4) Freelancing
There are many writing opportunities in the world today both online & offline. The need for content writing services is always on increase, With less than $100 you can establish yourself as a successful freelancer.
This is a serious means of earning income part time or full time. There is no degree required to be a freelancer but you must have a writing skills when thinking of starting this business. If you have passion to be a freelancer and you don’t have a writing skills, You can learn to write. Don’t just take freelancing as a writing but take it as a serious business.
(5) Bead Making
One good thing about bead making business is the fact that you don’t need to have an office before you can get started. You can start making beads from the comfort of your home. Another advantages of bead making business is that you can invest and start with less than $100. Consider the following steps if you want to start a business in bead making:
a. Get The Knowledge: If you have passion for bead making but don’t know how to make beads, then you need to acquire the skill, Go for tutorials and attend trainings so that you can get the knowledge on how to make beads.
b. Buy The Needed Materials: After you have gained the knowledge on bead making, Next is to get the needed materials. You will need materials like: beads, lines, hook, beading pliers, scissors, twine thread, needle, plastic caps, thread burner, etc.
c. Getting Started: Start making beads, Show your samples to friends, Advertise your handwork both online & offline and get more clients. Indeed bead making is a profitable business.
(6) Perfume Business
Perfume business is another great business idea that can be started with less than $100. Starting a perfume business requires creativity and here are steps on how to start a successful perfume business:
a. Training: Go for perfume making trainings. There are explanatory and introductory practical trainings both online & offline. Getting trainings on perfume making is really important because you will need to understand the strategic process for making your own perfume business.
b. Prepare A Business Plan: After going through the trainings you can now be able to create a business plan which will consist of the products description, niche, target markets & audience, marketing and how you intend to run your perfume business. A good business is very important as it gives a straight targets and goals to be accomplished.
c. Start Making Your Perfumes: Before producing you perfumes, you will need to identify your target markets, know what your customers need and produce in line with it.
d. Business Registration: Registering your perfume business is very important as it makes your services to be legal. Choose a business name for your perfume business and obtain license and permits to run your business.
These are steps on how to start a perfume business.
(7) Vegetable Farming
Vegetable farming is another aspect of farming that is very profitable and it return of investment (roi) is so quick and fast. Vegetable farming is one of the easiest agribusiness to engage in. Any kind of edible vegetables is always on high demand. As you venture into vegetable farming you will have lot of food for yourself, family and society and as well make money in return.
(8) Rabbit Farming
Rabbit farming is also a profitable business you can start and invest with less than $100. Over the years, rabbit farming has been a great source of income in Asia and Africa And even all over the world. Rabbit farming involves the rearing of rabbits probably for commercial use or sale purpose. Before setting up your own rabbit farm, you need to know the basic requirements and knowledge for raising rabbits. It is very important to choose the right breed of rabbit before starting.
(9) Shoe Repairing Business
If you decide to start a shoe repair business, then ensure to carry out a research most especially market research. Business plan is another important factor you should also consider when setting up a shoe repair business.
(10) Poultry Farming
Poultry farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business one can start with less than $100 on small scale. This is one of the business one can embark on and start earning weekly and monthly, There are many ways of earning in poultry farming, it can be through it meat production, faeces (manures), or through egg production. These are summary guide on how to start a poultry business with less than $100:
a. Have A Business Plan: Before embarking on this business, it is very important to create a business plan which will include the strategies on how to run the business.
b. Choosing Your Niche: Poultry farming have so many niche under it, For example: Turkey rearing, quail farming, duck rearing, chicken farming etc, are under poultry farming.
c. Land And Location: Choose locations that won’t disturb people, that is why it is advisable to setup poultry farm at rural areas. For small scale poultry farm, you may not need to buy land, just secure a little space where you build your snail pen.
d. Housing: Construct a poultry pen, Not that expensive, You can contact a carpenter to do the housing.
e. Buy Day Old Chick: The next step is to purchase chicks for your poultry farming business. With $50 you can buy more than 30 chicks.
f. Feeding/Equipment: Consider their feedings and purchase the needed equipment for poultry business.
Setting up a poultry farm is a great idea, and this steps have given you guidelines on how to start a poultry business.
These are profitable businesses you can start and invest with $100 USD or less.

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