Profitable Businesses You Can Start And Invest Between $100,000 USD And $150,000 USD

Do you want to start a business with $100,000 or $150,000? Are you looking for business ideas to invest with $100,000 or $150,000 and make profits? On this article you will find out the 10 best profitable businesses to invest with less than $150,000 and minimum of $100,000.
Investment is a good source of earning passive income continuously, Note that every of the investment business opportunities listed below are tested, effective and guaranteed for profits. Another important factor to consider before starting any business is “Research”, Do your own research before doing any investment.
10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start And Invest Between $100,000 And $150,000
Here are list of business ideas & opportunities to start with less than $150,000 and a minimum of $100,000:
(1) Door Manufacturing Business
(2) Car Renting
(3) Haulage Services
(4) Import And Export Business
(5) Driving School Business
(6) Night Club Business
(7) Bus Transportation Services
(8) Computer Center
(9) Agricultural Equipment Leasing Services
(10) Health Clinic Center
These are profitable businesses you can start and invest with less than $150,000 and a minimum of $100,000.

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