Profitable Businesses You Can Start And Invest Between $100 USD And $500 USD

Do you want to start a business with $100 or $500? Are you looking for business ideas to invest with less than $500? On this article you will find list of businesses you can invest between $100 and $500 and get some profit in no time.
There are several business options in the world, But with less than $500 you can start a semi small scale businesses and make it successful in no time. Note that small scale businesses with big investment are more profitable than those with lesser investment.
So if you are looking for business ideas anywhere in the world be it Africa, Asia, America, Europe, you must act very fast to start investing because competitors might be huge when you are still contemplating. So don’t waste time!!!
10 Profitable Businesses To Start And Invest Between $100 And $500
Here are list of business ideas and opportunities to start with less than $500:
(1) Popcorn Making Business
If you want to start your own popcorn business then you have to know the basic requirements for starting and building the business. Not everyone knows the profitability of this business and those who knows will try to hide it from others. There are many niche under popcorn business; you can start making popcorns and supply to retailers or you process popcorn and supply to consumers directly, i.e You can decide whether to sell in bulk or in smaller quantities. Also note that the materials and equipment you will need for popcorn making business are not expensive, It can be afforded easily without any difficulties. Popcorn is 100% guarantee to sell faster due to it demands and needs.
When planning to start your own popcorn business, it is necessary to learn how to make it properly, Buy the needed equipment & materials, And find good location.
(2) Website Designing
There are good reasons why entrepreneurs should invest in web design business. Almost everybody needs the service of a web designer because a lot of people are intending to have their own website. Once you start a web designing business, endeavour to render your services accurately and keep to your time. There are several things you will need as a website designer, And here are they:

  • Having The Knowledge About Website Designing And Related Services
  • A Website
  • Laptop, Smartphone Or Desktop
  • Active Email
  • Social Media Management Skills.

For you to be successful as a web designer, you must be dedicated, business acumen, focus and most especially building trust.
(3) Tailoring
Tailoring is another great business you can start with less than $500. Tailoring business is no longer seen as just sewing clothes But it is now an important aspect of Fashion Designing that can be lucrative when done well. Competitions will always be rising as far as other tailors have been their before you.
Note that on tailoring business customers will never end, so if you are creative enough you can pull customers to your business. Here are quick steps on how to start tailoring business:
a. Get The Skill: You need to learn the work from a professional tailor and we believe the person must have the knowledge in other to be able to pass it to you.
b. Good Location: Location will always be an important factor when it comes to setting up a business. It is advisable to set up your business where people can see you and your handworks.
c. Buy The Materials Needed: You will need materials as a tailor like fabrics, needles, threads, zips etc. You can buy from market at a cheap price.
d. Purchase The Tools And Equipment: You will also need tools and equipment like: Weaving machines, sewing machines, tailoring table, chairs, bulk thread and needles, over lock machines, embroidery machine etc.
Tailoring business has leveled up, it is a fast growing business under fashion sector, The profits can never cease.
(4) Magazine Publication
Magazine publication business is very lucrative and the competition is not too high. You can make money selling magazine to readers, and also make money selling adverts for companies as soon as you are successful.
When investing in magazine publication, it is always advisable to start small so as to experiment how the market is.
(5) Catering Services
Catering services is one of the lucrative and profitable venture in the world today. It entails cooking food or making dishes for occasions like parties, anniversaries, wedding etc. One good thing about this business is that you can start it from home.
Catering requires the starter to have a vast knowledge on how to cook and prepare snacks. If you don’t know how to prepare different dishes and snacks, then you have to acquire the knowledge so as to satisfy your clients when getting started.
(6) Hair Salon Business
One of the profitable businesses you can start with less than $500 is hair salon business. Here are steps on how to start a salon business:
a. Training: Hair salon business requires a skill, so you have to get proper training before thinking of setting up a hair salon business.
b. Business Plan: Business plan is merely a clear picture or view of how you want your business to be like. Ensure you write down plans and strategies that will help you achieve your business goals.
c. Budget: With $500 or less you have to budget the needed equipment, shop renting, location, decorating the shop. Note location also determines the cost of startup.
Once you launch your business you can render some services for for free on your first week in other to attract customers to your shop.
(7) Barbing Salon Business
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful barber? There is no doubt the barbing salon business is a profitable venture. Barbing salon is a shop where people usually go to cut their hair. Barbing business is among the investment opportunities to invest with less than $500.
(8) Plantain Farming
This is a low capital farming investment opportunity. Plantain are very easy to cultivate and run unlike other cash crops that requires total time and commitment to maintain it. If you have land, then you can consider starting your won plantain farming and start making profits in short time. Here are few requirements to start plantain farming:
a. Land
b. Preparing the soil for cultivation
c. Buying the suckers and planting them
d. Controlling the weeds when necessary
It takes plantain 7 to 10 months to reach it maturity and ready for harvest.
(9) Event Planning Consultant
The event planning business is one of the fastest growing business all over the world. It is a kind of business that is globally reconized and very profitable. You too can become a successful event planning consultant. You must have the experience in this field before getting started. The event planning services include having the knowledge about catering, entertainment, parties and so on. If you know the right steps to follow it would give you a vital knowledge of how to start.
(10) Liquid Soap Business
Liquid soap making is quite a lucrative business you can start between $100 and $500. It doesn’t take much to learn this skill. You can start making liquid soap today and make an enormous profit.
Once you are able to get started as a liquid soap producer, Just know that the secret to be successful lies on the quality of your production.
As you can see, it is easy to find businesses to start with less than $500. They require time, skills, capital and dedication. However, invest and start a business with $500 today and make profit.

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