Political Socialization: Meaning Of Political Socialization And Agents Of Political Socialization

Table Of Contents

  • What Is Political Socialization
  • Agents Of Political Socialization
  • -The Family
  • -The School
  • -The Mass Median
  • -Political Parties And Pressure Groups
  • -Peer Groups
  • -Religious Organization

Meaning Of Political Socialization
Political socialization is a long development process through which a citizen acquires political beliefs, feelings and information which helps to shape his political behaviour.
Human beings are not born with an understanding of governmental and political processes but as a members of a political community, they came to accept the basic institutions of the political system as well as the norms and patterns of political behaviours that makes up the political culture.
Agents Of Political Socialization
1. The Family: The family is the basic agent of political socialization. Young ones are given desirable political attitudes, norms and values by their parents.
2. The School: At school, pupils and students are given political education. They are taught their civic duties and rights.
3. The Mass Median: The radio, television, newspapers etc disseminate a lot of political issues, thereby socializing listeners, readers and viewers.
4. Political Parties And Pressure Groups: They educate their members on their political rights and about government policies, programmes and activities. Political parties also educate the public during political campaigns.
5. Peer Groups: The group one moves with helps to determine or at least influence one’s political behaviour.
6. Religious Organization: Good intention guarantee good governance as the norms and patterns of political behaviour that make up the political culture.

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