Political Culture: Definition, Components And Types

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Political Culture
2. Components Of Political Culture
3. Types Of Political Culture
Political Culture In Government
Political culture can be defined as the attitudes, beliefs, ideas and norms that guide the behaviour of the people in a political system. It refers to the usual attitude, beliefs and perception of people towards politics. Political culture includes as its content:
– Knowing and defending ones rights.
-Joining popular organisation like political parties, civil society organisation and pressure groups (which stimulates political interest in people).
– Criticizing the government in power (either constructively or destructively).
– Voting in election.
Other examples of political culture include our commitment to democracy, nationalism. Reliance on legislative body instead of individual rule, equality etc.
Political culture is to set the standard behaviour of public officials and citizens. Different countries have different political culture which can help us understand how and why their government is organised in a certain way. Why democracy succeed or fail or understanding our own political culture can also provides clues to political relationship such as those who share with each other or our government.
Some countries with developed and established political culture are Britain, U.S.A, USSR, France etc.
Components Of Political Culture
1. Cognitive Orientation: This implies adequate knowledge of belief in the political system, the institution, the functionaries, as well as the policies made by the government functionaries.
2. Affective Orientation: This is the feeling of attachment, involvement, rejection of political system, loyalty to the government and its leaders and nation (i.e how the people feel about the performance of other government).
3. Evaluate Orientation: This implies the extent to which the people can evaluate or critically asses the political system. It involves applying value standard to political institution and events.
Types Of Political Culture
Political culture is grouped into three types according to the level of peoples participation in politics and government. They are:
1. Parochial Political Culture: This implies having little knowledge and concern about government and political issues. This is found in less developed countries.
2. Subject Political Culture: This group don’t see themselves as participant or role leaders in politics.
3. Civil Political Culture: This denote having consideration, knowledge and concern for government and politics. People play positive and active in politics.