Poem: THE LEADER AND THE LED by Niyi Osundare


Welcome to bewiseprof.com, we will show you today the line by line words of the poem: “The Leader And The Led By Niyi Osundare“. so relax and sing the song.

  • The lion stakes his claim
  • To the leadership of the pack


  • But the Antelopes remember
  • The ferocious pounce of his paws


  • The hyena says the crown is made for him
  • But the Impalas shudder at his lethal appetite


  • The Giraffe craves a place in the front
  • But his eyes are too far from the ground


  • When the Zebra says it’s his right to lead
  • The pack points to the duplicity of his stripes


  • The Elephant trudges into the power tussle
  • But its colleagues dread his trampling feet


  • The warthog is too ugly
  • The rhino too riotous


  • And the pack thrashes around
  • Like a snake without a head


  • “Our need calls for a hybrid of habits,”
  • Proclaims the Forest Sage.


  • A little bit of a Lion
  • A little bit of a lamb
  • Tough like a tiger, compassionate like a doe
  • Transparent like a river, mysterious like a lake


  • A leader who knows how to follow
  • Followers mindful of their right to lead”

Niyi Osundare


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