Information About Starting A Pig Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in setting up a pig farm in Nigeria? Do you need more information about pig farming business in Nigeria? If YES, then we have compose this great article to help you out.
Pig farming involves the rearing and breeding of domestic pigs as livestock, and it can be characterized as a branch of animal husbandry. Pig farming is a popular and lucrative farming business in Nigeria that is very profitable. The demand for pig meat is very high in markets. This is an investment opportunity which can fetch you double of your money as profit within a year. Another name for pig farming is piggery.
Do you know that a single pig can give birth to 11-15 piglets from each pregnancy and can even reproduce twice a year. Don’t you see how profitable it is? This business is expanding fast here in Nigeria and it’s lucrativeness is very strong to compare other livestock farming.
Irrespective of the profitability, people still neglect this business. We believe after reading this article you will find a good reason to start this business.
Advantages Of Pig Farming In Nigeria
(1) Pig farming in an employment opportunities in the country.
(2) It is very high in demand and it’s products can be used in sausage production.
(3) It is very easy to start.
(4) It grants financial freedom.
How To Start A Profitable Pig Farming In Nigeria
(1) Buy A Land: You will need a land that is large enough for your pigs to move freely both inside and around the field. The best advice is to acquire lands located at rural areas.
(2) Construction Of Pig Pen: The pig pen is where the pigs are kept. Contact a constructor for the building of a pen, make sure the pig pens will enhance the free movement of pigs. Pigs also loves swimming, it is also necessary to build a water pool for them to swim and cool their body. Thereby it will add an advantage of making them clean.
(3) Buy Piglets That Are Healthy: Before buying the piglets, it is very important to examine them thoroughly, Avoid unhealthy Piglets. Purchase from trusted pig suppliers. This aspect is most important, don’t be in a hurry to buy them, Careful investigation is needed.
(4) Feeding Requirement: Pigs consumes a lot of food and they love grains such as corn, protein supplement, vitamins, and minerals. Get it in mind that 75% of your budget will base on Feedings. Pig feeds in Nigeria are very easy to get, You can also make your own feed by mixing grains, fish meal and wheat bran, all this are available in Nigeria.
(5) Employ Workers: Whether you are starting in small scale, medium scale or large scale, you can’t handle a pig farm on your own, Therefore, you have to hire Workers who have experience to assist on the pig farm.
(6) Marketing: It is very important to develop a good marketing plan. Explore hotels, local markets, butchers, restaurant’s in your area. Consider going digital such as creating a website and advertising your business online.
Requirements & Pig Farming Equipments In Nigeria
1. Capital
2. Land
3. Business Plan
4. Marketing Plan
5. Pig Board
6. Hog Snare
7. Mineral Feeders
8. Heat Lamps for sick pigs or piglets.
9. Hoof Trimmers
10. Drenching Gun
The cost of starting a pig farm in Nigeria is calculated based on the:
i. The cost of land
ii. Cost of construction
iii. Cost of feed
iv. Cost of piglets (Depends on the numbers needed).
v. Cost of equipment.
vi. Labour cost etc.
The total cost of setting up a pig farm is based on the scale, whether small scale, medium scale or large scale, So the cost should vary from N1,750,000 to N70,000,00.
Note: Pig farming is capital intensive.

  • The major challenges of pig farming in Nigeria are high prices of feed, lack of business plan, lack of quality feed from suppliers, diseases. You may encounter some of those challenges, But don’t loose focus.
  • Pig farming in Nigeria is very lucrative, therefore prepare yourself today and venture into this profitable Business.
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