PhD Scholarships In UK: Fully Financed Scholarships For International Students In 2022/2023

PhD Scholarships In UK: Fully Financed Scholarships For International Students In 2022/2023

Looking for fully financed Ph.D. scholarships in the United Kingdom for overseas students? You’ve discovered it. We’ve compiled a thorough list of Ph.D./doctoral scholarship opportunities in the United Kingdom. A large percentage of UK scholarships are completely financed, while the rest are partial cost or tuition fee scholarships.

Many students believe that pursuing a Ph.D. is difficult due to the high expense of some programs and a lack of support. The United Kingdom, without a doubt, has some of Europe’s highest tuition fees.

As a result, the scholarships available to study in the UK are always in high demand. We have endeavored to provide information on the various sources of funding available for pursuing a Ph.D. in the United Kingdom in this post.

Before we get started, there are a few things you should know about applying to study for a Ph.D. in the United Kingdom.

How to Apply for Ph.D. Scholarship in the UK

Choosing to pursue a Ph.D. is a significant decision. A traditional Ph.D., sometimes known as a doctorate, is a postgraduate research degree that requires students to write a thesis based on significant, original research. A Ph.D. normally lasts three years, however, it can be extended to four.

For the Ph.D. study, there are two options:

To apply for a Ph.D., students must have completed an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree from a recognized university. The entrance requirements for each university and program are different.

You should look into the precise entry requirements for the course you want to take. In most situations, you will be needed to meet English language standards as an international student, which typically vary between IELTS 6.0 and 7.0.

Before submitting a formal Ph.D. application, several universities in the United Kingdom highly advise candidates to contact a potential supervisor. You might want to provide a copy of your curriculum vitae to the supervisor, along with a description of your suggested research topic or project.

As part of your application, some colleges require you to submit a detailed research plan. In this scenario, you should first consult with your future supervisor to confirm that the issue is appropriate.

PhD Scholarships In UK: Fully Financed Scholarships For International Students In 2022/2023

Top 10 Ph.D. Scholarships in the UK for International Students

Many universities and organizations in the United Kingdom provide Ph.D. scholarships to international students. We’ve compiled a concise list to assist you in navigating the available Ph.D. funding sources.

  • University of Cambridge Graduate Scholarships

All scholarships that require you to apply to the University of Cambridge using the usual online application form, as well as most scholarships that require you to apply by the applicable deadline, are open for application at the University of Cambridge.

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Deadlines for applications: 2021/2022 application ended in January 2022, 2022/2023 session yet to be announced.

The number of awards is unknown.

Award value: fully financed

Program duration: Candidates’ program duration


  • University of Strathclyde Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship (FEES) for International students 

The Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship (FEES) at the University of Strathclyde is available to self-funded international (non-EU) fee-paying students with outstanding academic credentials.

The application deadline is the 9th of September 2022.

Eligibility: All self-funded, international (non-EU) fee-paying students with a full-time undergraduate, postgraduate taught, or postgraduate research degree is offered at Strathclyde.

Undergraduate: To be accepted, you must have a high school grade average of 75 percent or more (or equivalent).

To be accepted for postgraduate teaching, you must have a 2:1 (or equivalent) in your undergraduate degree.

The number of awardees is unknown.

Scholarships worth up to £3,750

Scholarship period: one year.


  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and Ph.D. studies in the UK are offered each year to nationals of Commonwealth poor countries. The UK Department for International Development (DFID) funds these scholarships to contribute to the UK’s international development goals and wider overseas interests, encouraging quality in UK higher education, and upholding Commonwealth principles.

The application deadline is May 24.

The number of scholarships offered each year is approximately 300. There are no scholarship quotas for any one country.

Scholarships are available for 12 months for Master’s students and up to 36 months for Ph.D. students.

This scholarship is valuable because it provides:

  • Flights from your home country to the UK and back at the end of your award have been approved.
  • Tuition and examination expenses have been approved.
  • Stipend (living allowance)
  • Where applicable, a thesis grant to help with the costs of writing a thesis or dissertation.
  • Allowance for warm clothing, if applicable
  • Study travel grant to help with the costs of studying in the UK or abroad.
  • Fieldwork grant for Ph.D. scholars
  • Paid mid-term visit (airfare) to your home country for Ph.D. Scholars
  • Family allowances are available if your scholarship is for at least 18 months.


  • University of Oxford Dulverton Scholarship

Applicants attending full-time master’s or DPhil degrees in any topic at the University of Oxford can apply for up to two full scholarships.

Application deadlines: The application will start by the end of May 2022.

Number of recipients: 2

The scholarship is worth £14,553 and covers course tuition, college fees, and a grant for living expenses.

Scholarships are awarded for the term of your fee liability for the agreed-upon course.

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  • Windle Trust Postgraduate Scholarships for Africans

Windle Trust International is a registered UK charity with offices in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, as well as sister organizations in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The Trust’s work is supported by universities and colleges in the United Kingdom and Africa and is funded by a variety of donors.

Windle Trust International provides undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to Sudanese, South Sudanese, Ugandan, Kenyan, and other African youths and refugees who wish to study in Africa or the United Kingdom.

Application deadline: Not announced yet.

Field of Study: Subjects with a high likelihood of future employment and direct benefit to development are given preference.

Amount of the Prize:

  • Return flights to and from the United Kingdom are available.
  • Pre-university orientation on topics such as adjusting to living in the UK and dealing with culture shock, managing finances, studying methods, and getting health care in the UK, as well as practical scholarship arrangements, will be provided upon arrival in Oxford.
  • International student tuition fees paid in whole or waived
  • Maintenance (upkeep) stipend throughout the program (12 months) Leadership training and coaching
  • In January and July, respectively, a themed conference and workshop on subjects pertinent to students and the obstacles they encounter upon their return, such as CV writing, job searching, and interview skills.
  • During the study, there will be visits and pastoral assistance.

Scholarship duration: Applicants for postgraduate programs of up to one year are given priority.

  • Richard Stapley Educational Trust Scholarships

The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust helps older students who have demonstrated academic merit and are in financial need and are pursuing higher degrees at a UK institution. 

Students from all nations are welcome to apply, however, they must reside in the UK at the time of application and throughout their studies. Students in their first year of study as well as those who have already started their degree program are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: The application will be available from 3rd January 2023.

Number of recipients: 300

Value of the Program: Grants typically range from £400 to £1,200. They are meant to offset the difference in educational and living expenses once tuition fees are paid.

Scholarships are provided for a full year of academic study and are only available for one year.


  • Felix Scholarships at the University of Reading for Developing Countries

Four Felix Scholarships will be given to well-qualified students from developing countries to study in the postgraduate program at the University under the prestigious Felix Scholarships scheme. These scholarships are available for full-time MPhil/Ph.D. students or Taught Master’s students.

The application deadline is January 30th.

Number of recipients: 5

Scholarship Value: These scholarships cover foreign tuition fees as well as a stipend (maintenance grant) to support living expenses (the current amount is £14,005). They also pay hefty clothing, book, and return flight expenses.

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Scholarship scholarships are offered for up to three years (depending on eligibility).


  • Mo Ibrahim Foundation University of London Scholarships for African Students

The Governance for Development in Africa Initiative, financed by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, has been extended for another three years, until 2021, by the Centre of African Studies at SOAS, University of London.

Every year, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation generously provides two Ph.D. scholarships at SOAS for African students pursuing a full-time Ph.D. or Master’s program in the field of African Governance for Development.

The application deadline is 31st March 2023.

Ph.D. candidates are only permitted to work in the following departments:

  • Research on Development
  • Law \ Economics
  • CISD in International Relations/Politics (Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy)
  • DEFINES (Department for Financial and Management Studies )
  • CEFIMS (Centre for Financial and Management Studies), DEFIMS (Department of Financial and Management Studies).

Number of recipients: 2

Scholarship’s Worth:

The scholarship covers three years of tuition. However, only the first year’s rent and living expenses are paid. In total, the scholarship will cover two return trips. The chosen candidate will additionally earn a £5,000 annual stipend in years 2 and 3. The cost of a visa is covered if receipts are submitted to the Centre of African Studies.

Scholarship duration: 3 years


  • The University of Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is a University of Oxford Recognized Independent Centre. It was founded in 1985 to promote intellectual research into Islam and the Islamic world. The Centre serves as a bridge between the Western and Islamic worlds of education. 

It adds to the multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary study of the Islamic world at Oxford. Beyond Oxford, an international network of academic relationships strengthens its position.

Application deadlines are January 8th or 19th, depending on the course.

Up to 5 awardees are possible.

Scholarship Value: The scholarship will cover 100% of university and college expenses as well as a living allowance (of at least £14,553).

Scholarships are awarded for the term of your fee liability for the agreed-upon course.


  • ORID Rhodes Postgraduate Scholarship for West Africa at the University of Oxford

The Rhodes scholarship is a postgraduate grant administered by the Rhodes Trust in Oxford that aims to support exceptional students from all over the world studying at the University of Oxford. Scholars may enroll in any full-time postgraduate degree offered by the University of Oxford for two years, with the possibility of continuing for the third year.

The application deadline is October 14th.

The number of awards is unknown.

Full tuition, a maintenance stipend (covering housing, feeding, and miscellaneous expenses), and one economy class airfare to and from Oxford at the start and end of the term.

Program duration: two years with the option of a third year.

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