Opportunity To Defend Oneself (Self Defense And Judiciary)

Table Of Contents
1. Self Defense
2. Opportunity In The Judiciary
Self Defense
Life is the most important value in our existence. The first reason for the establishment of government is to protect life. Criminals and armed robbers take life to enable them have access to people’s valued property. It is only a living man that can make wealth, relate to people, get education, marry, engage in scientific and technological activities, participate in leadership contest and aspire to become somebody in future.
The 1984 United National Organization (UNO) declaration provides for the defense of human life. It also touches on how to make life more meaningful, enjoyable and productive.
All economic transactions, technological production, provision of amenities and improved educational curricular and facilities should be geared towards helping human life on earth. Life has span or time limit and so must be consciously preserved and made to be comfortable.
In the light of this, individuals have in built God-given mechanism called life preservation instinct for self preservation. Some of the self-preservation instinct include:
a. The instinct to avoid destructive conflicts like wars, fights and harmful adventures or situations.
b. The instinct to be sheltered and be protected from cold, heat and enemies.
c. The acquisitive instinct which allows man to make wealth as a protective mechanism in times of lack, sickness, abandonment, threat and old age.
d. The instinct of self-defense against real and imagined attackers. These attackers could be wild animals, enemies or war mongers, castigators and oppositions. The struggle for survivals is either called self-preservation. This shows that life is the most important value to be desired and everything at ones disposal should be done to preserve and defend life. It is because life is worth protecting and preserving that the government instituted the rule of law, fundamental human rights, the courts of law, law enforcement agencies and health institutions. To make life easier and comfortable, government ensures the provision of facilities, amenities and welfare programmes. This is because when life is lost, all is lost.
Government empowers individuals for self-defense; but thus has some limitations. Self-preservation or defense is a natural right conferred on us by God. Since life is seen to be the most desired and respected value. Outside life, any other value extrinsic or intrinsic cannot be expressed.
Life provides the platform upon which every other values can be expressed or experienced. Self defense is, therefore, the foremost responsibility every person has as no one can best defend life than the one who has it. However, every citizen in any given society enjoys several opportunities to defend one-self which among other include opportunities as contained in the constitution and so on.
Opportunities In The Judiciary
a. The judiciary should prompt and access information in the language a citizen understands in details or the nature of the offences he committed against the laws of the land.
b. He should be given adequate time and facilities for the preparation of his defense.
c. He should defend himself in person or by a legal practitioner of choice.
d. He should have without charge the assistance of an interrupter where he does not understand the language used on the trial of the offence.
j. Opportunity in the Fundamental Human Rights.

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