Opportunity To Defend Oneself: Meaning And Importance

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Topic: Opportunity To Defend Oneself In Civic Education
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What Is Opportunity To Defend Oneself?
Opportunity to defend oneself has to do with the ability to defend yourself for survival.
There are several ways to defend oneself in case one runs into trouble. That is why it is very important to learn self defence technique and mechanism. Today, walking in streets during nights has become dangerous due to the large number of crimes that take place every single day. Furthermore, statistics has shown that number of physical assault and rape taking place has become not only alarming but quite serious problem especially among female. These days kidnapping is rampant, crimes of various kinds and magnitude have continued to increase. This is why citizen’s should device approach to defend themselves.
Everyone is in danger of getting attacked on the streets, homes, offices, churches etc. at any time, one should be able to fight back and protect oneself for ones actual survival.
In the event of pre-informed or pre-determined attack one should do the following to defend oneself:
1. Contact the Police: The Primary function of the police is to protect citizens lives and properties. Entry should be made to the police incase there is only threat or problem.
2. Report to the Authority: Students should report to the security of the institution, where there is no security output the student should refer the matter to the highest authority of the institution.
3. Report to the traditional head of the community.
4. Run to your church.
Importance Of Opportunity To Defend Oneself
1. It allows individual to defend themselves against physical attacks.
2. It empowers the citizens with the right knowledge to apply when defending oneself.
3. It gives principle guide on how to defend oneself in incase of pre-informed or pre-determined attack.
4. It protects loss of life.