Online Jobs For Undergraduate Students In Ghana

Are you an undergraduate in any Ghanaian University or School. Are you looking for a good online job you can combine with your academic schedules easily without interrupting your studies? There are several online jobs for undergraduate students in Ghana but you must be intelligent and hard working to be able to fill this position.
The best job you can work on as undergraduate is the job that enhances your academic potentials and compliment your studies.
That’s the kind of job we have for you – writing jobs! If you are a talented writer who can write on business ideas and startup tips in Ghana and Africa in general.
Online Job Opportunities for Undergraduate Students In Ghana
Before we go into the details, let us point out some other online job options that are open for students anywhere in the world which you can work on as well.
1. Web Design:
If you are a talented website developer and you are really good at what you do, there are jobs out there waiting for you online. All you need to do is to sign up with any freelance platform and offer your skill to anyone who would show interest and willing to pay for it. But you must be good and have track records.
People don’t patronize green horns – for anyone to entrust you with design projects, you must have to convince him with your previous works.
However, there are some who may be willing to gamble on you. Do it well and you have other jobs lined up for you. and are good places to start from.
2. Jobs:
Fiverr is the world’s largest market place for small services, everything there seems funny but it works! You can offer any small service for $5. Just anything and anything. If there is something you know how to do and you think you can offer it for $5, then go ahead and sign up at and starts offering your services to a chunk of people to pile up $5s.
3. Newspaper Distribution:
Though this is not online job but we will like to include it because it feats students schedules so perfectly. There are schools where you’d find it difficult to get daily newspapers around. If your school is located in such a place, you can start newspaper ‘ vendorship‘ in and around the campus.
Look for newspaper agents near you and start getting newspaper from them to supply. You must learn how to wake up very early everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays. Go to the agents except if they are bringing it to you, pick up your supply and go supply to your customers. Before you start, market the nearby hotels, some of them used to give out free newspapers to their guests, you could be the one to supply them.
Even if they aren’t giving, you may introduce it to them as part of their marketing strategy.
Other potential customers includes – Lecturers in your school, banks, and other nearby establishment where you’d find educated people who loves to keep to the news.
4. Freelance Writing:
You can as well write for other websites on part time basis and make money. Yahoo Voices is a good place to start. Yahoo pays you according to how popular your articles gets. You can write on just about anything but you must be approved first.
After signing up, you need to submit your first article for approval, you are welcomed to become a Yahoo contributor once the article is approved. They currently have more than 600,000 contributors and you could be one of them.
5. Starting A Blog:
Blogging is one of the surest means to make money online in Ghana. But blogging is a serious business, it’s no longer for everyone as it used to be in the time past – this days, you must be ready to invest time and money. There are part time Bloggers and there are Pro Bloggers. You can start blogging part time, who knows your blog may starts earning you money within months.
Here are online jobs for undergraduate students in Ghana.

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