Office Equipment: Meaning, Types, Importance, Uses And Care Of Office Equipments And Machines (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Office Equipment
  • Types Of Office Equipment
  • Types Of Office Machine
  • Importance Of Office Equipment
  • Uses Of Office Equipment And Office Machine
  • Care Of Office Equipment

What Is Office Equipment?

Office equipment are the tools, machines and furniture that are needed to perform the jobs in an office.

Types Of Office Equipment

1. Guillotine
2. Perforator
3. Stapler (Staples)
4. Office pins
5. Office clips
6. In/Out trays
7. Cellotape
8. Gum
9. Sharpener
10. Baller
11. Pencil
12. Stamp rack
13. Call bell
14. Inter-com
15. Telephone
16. Radio transmitter
17. Mobile phone
18. Stamp pad/Ink pad
19. Drawing pin
20. Eraser

Types Of Office Machine

1. Typewriter
2. Duplicating machine
3. Photocopying machine
4. Collating machine
5. Calculating machine
6. Binding machine
7. Computer machine
8. Scanning machine
9. Flanking machine
10. Laminating machine

Importance Of Office Equipment

1. They help to improve the quantity of work.

2. They improve speed or performance of work.

3. They are more accurate.

4. They save time and labour.

5. They improve the uniformity and appearance of printed materials.

Uses Of Office Equipment And Machines

1. Typewriter: It is a device in the office used to produce several copies of a document.

2. Photocopying Machine: It is a machine used to produce the exact replica of the original document.

3. Filing Cabinet: Filing cabinet is used in the office to store business documents & files.

4. Duplicating Machine: It is a machine used to produce several copies of a document.

5. Calculating Machine: It is used for adding, supplying, multiplying and dividing groups of figures.

6. Listing Adding Machine: Listing adding machines add, subtract and produce printed results.

7. Stapling Machine: A stapler is used for inserting staples to set of papers together.

8. Perforator: A perforator is used to make holes neatly in papers before they are put into a file.

9. Computers: The computer is an electronic devices which accepts, processes, stores and retrieves stored written information and even images when needed.

Care Of Office Equipment

1. All office machines must be handled with care.

2. Office machine must be stored carefully and away when not in use.

3. Office machines such as computer and typewriter must be covered when not in use.

4. They should be cleaned each day with a clean and dry duster.

5. Maintenance work should be done on office machines from time to time.

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