Need For Monitoring And Control Of Chemicals

Table of Contents

1. Meaning Of Chemicals
2. Chemicals Suitable For Use
3. Need For Monitoring And Controlling.

Meaning Of Chemicals

We have noted earlier that chemicals are compound substances that have been purified or prepared. A chemical is any substances that is obtained by a chemical process or used in a chemical process.

Chemical Suitable For Use

The following are chemicals suitable for use;

1. Common salt (sodium chloride) which is used for cooking.

2. Magnesium tetraoxosulphate (vi) heptahydrate commonly called Epsom salt used in manufacturing of medicine.

3. Liquid chlorine used as a mild antiseptic in water treatment.

4. Water is a chemical compound containing oxygen and hydrogen. Every human or animal or even plant needs water.

5. Air: It is a chemical composed of many elements.

6. Fuels: Such as Kerosene, petrol, bitumen, lubricating oil which are all products of fractional distillation of crude oil.

Chemicals are important for various uses, note: their handling requires skill and expertise.

The following are chemicals unsuitable for use:

1. Concentrated solutions of acids(raw acids) like:

a. Sulphumic acid
b. Nutric acid
c. Hydrochloric acid

2. Radioactive chemicals and heavy chemicals like:

a. Bismuth
b. Polonium
c. Lead

3. Most heavy drugs( e.g narcotics):

a. Cocaine
b. Heroine
c. Movacaire etc.

4. Poisonous gases like:

a. Carbon monoxide(co)
b. Ammonia
c. Sulphur dioxide

5. Stable insecticides and pesticides like:

a. DOT : dichloro diphenyl trichlotoethum
b. BHC : Benzere hexachloride

Need For Monitoring And Controlling

1. Food
2. Drug
3. Chemicals

1. Food

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It is importance to monitor and control food for the following reasons:

1. To Ascertain The Expiry Date: This helps to know food that has expired.

2. To Enjoy Their Energy Values: This enables us to know the quantity of such food such as temperature or pressure necessary for their storage.

4. To keep the food out of reach of animals and other micro organisms.

5. Monitoring of food helps to preserve its taste and. flavour.

6. Adequate monitoring and control of food helps to retain its nutrition value.

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2. Drugs

1. Constant monitoring of drugs helps to ascertain the condition favourable for their storage.

2. To keep them out of reach of children, water and other chemical.

3. To retain their medical value in order to produce the necessary results, when taken.

4. Adequate and constant monitoring enables us to know and reflect on the date of expiration.

5. To check the quality and mode of production. This is done by the NAFDAC. National Agencies for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

3. Chemical

1. To keep them out of reach of children and adults especially those unskilled in their handling.

2. To keep them out of reach of spoilable materials e.g plates. Metals, papers etc.

3. To keep them out of reach of domestic animals e.g. goats, cow, hens etc.

4. So that we can ascertain conditions at which such chemicals can be favourably stored.

5. Radioactive chemicals most importantly should be properly handled by skilled personnel to prevent them from leaking into the atmosphere and causing air pollution.

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6. To prevent fire outbreak. Highly inflammable liquids and gases like petrol and natural gas should be adequately monitored to prevent it from fire explosion. They should also be kept out of reach of children.

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