National Security: Meaning And Crimes That Affect National Security

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Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of National Security
  • Crimes That Affect National Security

Meaning Of National Security
National security is the aggregate requirement to maintain the survival of the state through the use of economic power, diplomatic power projection and political superiority. It is the prevailing condition of safety, a climate free from danger, anxiety and fear of lives and property of the citizens and indeed the general public across the nation. The concept of national security was developed in the United States of America after the world war.
Crimes That Affect National Security
1. Pipeline Vandalism
This is a common crime that threathen national security. It involves the use of sophisticated equipment to open a pipeline supplying petroleum product to specific area or location.
2. Drug Trafficking
This is the illegal trading on harmful drugs, it involves the cultivation, manufacturing, distributing, storage, selling and consumption of substances which are prohibited by law. Examples of drugs trafficked are cocaine, heroine, cannabis or marijuana.
3. Human Trafficking
This is a degrading, shameful and inhuman trade carried by evil capitalist in our midst. Victims are usually women and children. It involves moving people from their homes with or without their consent for monetary gain.
4. Terrorism
This is the use of violent actions in ordeer to achieve political aims, subdue individuals and groups because of incorporable interest and goals. Instrument of terrorism include machetes, arms, land mines, nuclear weapons etc.
Demonstration Of Awareness
Common crimes threatens the corporate existence of Nigeria. Demonstration of awareness on people and groups who are rebellious against the society. Some awareness strategies include:
1. Demonstration of awareness through the new media e.g radio, television, newspaper etc.
2. Government at various should create movement of rewakening in the communities.
3. Social institutions such as church, mosques, clubs, asscociations etc should give moral lessons.
4. The use of Tradional institution and some grassroot based organisation.
5. Rewakening the spirit and values of communalism.

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