National Integrity: Meaning And How To Promote National Integrity

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Topic: How To Promote National Integrity

Table of Contents

  • Meaning Of Integrity
  • How To Promote National Integrity

Nigeria is a country with diverse cultures, religious and communities. There is a great diversity in our Traditions, manners, habits tastes and customs. Each and every region of the country portrays different customs and traditions. Though we speak different languages yet we are all Nigerians.

Unity in diversity has been the distinctive feature of our culture. To live peacefully has been our motto and this motto has helped us to achieve independence.

What Is National Integrity?

National integrity is very vital to developing countries like Nigeria. The term integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. National integrity is the awareness of being honest towards the affair of the country.

How To Promote National Integrity

A lot of things needs to promote national integrity, and unity in diversity.

1. Creation of awareness and reorientation. There are those who do not know nor understand the need for national integrity and unity in diversity.

2. Strengthening and streaming the security outfit of the nations.

3. Promoting and implementing the ideal of federal character commission.

4. Promoting and implementing the ideals of “National Youth Service Corpse (NYSC)”.

5. Promoting Religious Harmony.