National Consciousness: Meaning And How To Promote National Consciousness

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Topic: How To Promote National Consciousness
Table of Contents

  • Meaning Of National Consciousness
  • How To Promote National Consciousness

Definition of National Consciousness
National consciousness is the awareness created within the mind of a citizen towards all sensitive issues that border on the the welfare of his country or nation.
National Consciousness is very vital in a diverse country like Nigeria with varying cultures, traditions, languages, religion etc. It is a strong patriotic feeling to one’s country. It is the feeling of selfless sacrificing love for and pride in ones country (In Nigeria). The patriotism in National Consciousness is developed, nurtured and practiced by individuals and group. Without the selfless and sacrificing love there would be no sincere and fruitful national consciousness. It has the significant role of integrating and unifying Nigeria as well as making our democracy a good one.
How Then Can This National Consciousness Be Promoted?
Here are 8 ways to promote National Consciousness:
1. Equitable distribution of National revenue and facilitating of National Projects: This is important if the people/citizen’s must feel patriotic.
2. Good Governance: This is a key to promoting National Consciousness, dividends should be seen and felt by all individual not being heard on air.
3. Government officials should love by example.
4. Youths should be taking good care of.
5. The content of federal character should be implemented. Federal character is concept in federal civil services. It means appointment into federal civil services. Nigeria is divided into zones and states in federal appointment, every states must be recognised.
6. Observance of rule of law: rule of law has three principles, supremacy of law, right to one’s liberty, equality before the law.
7. Guarantee security of life and property by government promote national consciousness.
8. Family ideas should be straightened, being the first point of a child existence.