Nameerror: Name plot_cases_simple is Not Defined How to Fix Python Error

How to Fix Python Error

Name plot_cases_simple is Not Defined. What is the solution? This Python Error #plot_cases_simple #Defined #Fi Python Error . Here’s the latest news we have to share with you today:

Knowing the cause is the initial step in resolving a code issue. While some errors can be unclear, they will likely assist you in fixing them.

The article below will address an error that is part of the NameError category of Python.

Learn about the meaning of the NameError and code examples explaining why it happens and how to solve it.

What is a NameError in Python

The NameError error in Python can occur when you try to access a module, function, variable, or variable that doesn’t exist or was not utilized validly.

These are a few of the most frequent errors that can cause the error

Using a variable or function name that has not yet been specified. Use a Python module that has not been loaded.

How to fix “NameError” in Python

In this section, we will help you to resolve this Python error “NameError Name Error – Name isn’t defined.”

In this article you’ll learn how to solve the “NameError Name Error: Name Isn’t denoted” problem in Python.

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I’ve separated this section into sections to highlight the problem above in the use of variables, functions and modules.

We’ll begin with the codes that trigger the error , and then we’ll look at the best way to fix them.

Example #1 – Variable Name Is Not Defined in Python

name is “John” print(age)

In the above code we created the Name variable, but we tried to print the age which has yet to be determined.

We received an error message that reads: NameError: name “age” isn’t specified to prove how age isn’t a real age variable doesn’t exist.

To address this to fix this, we need to create the variable, and our program will run perfectly. Here’s how:

name is “John” age equals 12. print(age)

Now , the value of the age is printed.

The same error could be raised if we misspell a variable’s name. Here’s an example of this:

name is “John” print(nam)

In the above code In the code above, we typed the word “nam” rather than the word name. To correct errors such as this, all you need to do is to write the variable’s name correctly.

Example #2 – Function Name Is Not Defined in Python

def sayHello(): print(“Hello World!”) sayHelloo()

In the previous example we have added an additional O when performing the call –sayHelloo(). “sayHelloo”() instead of sayHello().

We encountered the error: NameError: name “sayHelloo” does not have a definition. These kinds of spelling errors can be very easy to miss. The error message can be helpful in resolving this.

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Here’s how to invoke the function:

def sayHello(): print(“Hello World!”) sayHello()

As we did in the previous section calling a variable that has not yet defined causes an error. Similar is the case for functions.

Let’s look at an instance:

def sayHello(): print(“Hello World!”) sayHello() addTWoNumbers()

In the code above we invoked a function – addTWoNumbers() – that had not yet been defined within the program. To address this issue problem, you could make the function yourself in case you require it, or simply eliminate the function if it’s insignificant.

It is important to note when you call a function prior to making it will send the exact error you’re looking for. It’s:

sayHello() def sayHello(): print(“Hello World!”)

It is important to determine your goals before you call them.

Example #3 – Using a Module Without Importing the Module Error in Python

x = 5.5 print(math.ceil(x))

In the above example we’re using this Python math.ceil method without into the mathematics module.

The error that resulted was: NameError: name “math” does not exist. The interpreter could not identify math as a mathematical keyword.

In addition to other math techniques included in Python First, we need to download math into the mathematical module in order to utilize it.

Here’s how to fix it:

import math x = 5.5 print(math.ceil(x))

In the very first line of the code we have imported in the first line of code, we imported mathematics module. When you run the above code you should see 6 results.


This article spoke about the “NameError Name is not Defined” error that occurs in Python.

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We first identified what is was a NameErroris in Python.

We also looked at a few instances that might raise an NameError when working using variables, functions or modules that are part of Python. Each of the examples, broken down into sections, explained how to correct the errors.


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