MS Paint Tools Name On Computer

MS Paint Tools Name On Computer
Tool NameFunction
1Free from selectto select a specific part of a photograph to modify or copy
2Selectto choose a rectangle part of a photo to copy or to edit
3Eraseto erase a portion of a photo
4Fill in the colorto give a photo color
5Pick colorto draw a colour
6Magnifierto alter the size of an image (zoom)
7Pencildrawing with pencils
8Brushdrawing with to draw with
9Air brushto colour or draw with an airbrush
10Textto insert a text in a picture
11Lineto draw straight lines
12Curveto draw curves, curves and size
13Rectangleto draw the outline of a rectangle
14Polygonto draw to draw a polygon


Creating Simple Objects In Paint 

To draw straight lines:

  • Click the line from the toolbox.
  • Click the line’s width.
  • Move the pointer towards drawing the area.

For drawing an ellipse, Click ellipse in the toolbox, click the line length, drag the line onto the drawing space, Click on fill color and click on the color from the color palette. Click the ellipse on the drawing area, and fill in the color.

To draw a rectangle or a square, Click on the shape of a rectangle or square from the toolbox. The mouse pointer should be placed within the drawing area. Hold the mouse button and drag it to the right until you’re finished with the drawing. Click on the fill color, and then click one of the colors in the color box palette. Then, place the muse’s mouse within the square or rectangle before clicking to add it with the color.

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For erasing:

  • Click on select.
  • Place the mouse over the shape within the drawing area.
  • Press the mouse’s left click without pressing it.
  • Drag it to your liking and release it.

Press delete on the mouse to remove the chosen shape.

To write text onto a photo:

  1. Click the text tool in the toolbox, and choose the font size, font, and font style you wish.
  2. Put the mouse pointer into the area of the drawing where you’d like to write the text, and draw the frame.
  3. Type the text.


Create your Nigerian flag and write text on the flag. Draw the house, draw an open field and a lawn. Draw a landscape, an avenue, and draw an umbrella; draw a PDP umbrella, and draw the cap.

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