Military Rule (System Of Government): Meaning And Features

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Military Rule
2. Features Of The Military Rule
Meaning Of Military Rule
Military rule is a form of government which comes into power by the use of Coup d’etat. It is the take over of political control by the armed forces.
Coup d’etat is an unconstitutional way of changing the government. Military rule is a government that does not operate with constitution from 1966 to date, Nigeria had experienced about ten successful and unsuccessful Coups that usher in the era of the military in Nigeria Politics.
Features Of The Military Rule
1. The structure of the military rule is hierarchial and centralised.
2. Discipline and obedience to higher commands considered a priority.
3. All military government are dictatorship.
4. The military government do not tolerate opposition of any kind.
5. Whenever the military are in government, The suspends the constitution and this the supremacy of the law is out of place.
6. There is separation barracks, distinctive uniforms etc.
7. Values held by members of the armed forces distinguished them from the rest of the society. Laws or rules are made through issues of decrees.
8. The military monopolised the chief instrument of violence in the political system.

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