Inona no atao hoe rafi-panjakana Confederal? Famaritana, dikany, tombony sy fatiantoka

1. Dikan'ny rafi-panjakana kaonfederaly
2. Endri-javatra amin'ny rafi-pitantanana kaonfederaly
3. Advantages Of Confederal System Of Government
4. Disadvantages Of Confederal System Of Government
5. Difference Between Federalism And Confederalism
Dikan'ny teny hoe rafi-panjakana kaonfederaly
Confederal System Of Government: This is the type of government with weak centre or loose federation. In this type of government, the components states have greater power than the central authority.
Confederation is an extreme type of federation the central authority has a few services to perform. E.g Telecommunication, Currency, Government affairs and defence. This was the type of government Ojukwu proposed for Nigeria to Gowon at the Aburi Peace Accord or conference during the Nigeria Biafra Civil War.
Features Of Confederal System Of Government
1. The states possess greater power than the central authority (i.e) The central authority is weak.
2. There Is Right Of Succession: Members have equal states and have right of succession from the confederation. It and when the government of members states its desires.
3. There is poor national consciousness and disunity.
4. The central authority helps few services to perform E.g Telecommunication, Currency, Foreign Affairs e.t.c.
5. There is rivalry and conflicts among the component states.
Advantages Of Confederal System Of Government
1. Expansion Of Markets: Market of members of states are expanded to accommodate goods and services from members states.
2. Unity Of States: Independent states both big and small, rich or poor, are brought together for a tanjona iombonana.
3. fifanarahana: Actions taken by members states of a kaonfederasiona mifototra on consensus earlier reached.
4. Equality Of States: Equality exist among the states making up the confederation. No state can claim superiority over others.
5. The Union Is Voluntary: No member was forced to become a member of the union since they can secede at any time.
6. Control Over Their Internal Affairs: The component states have total control over their internal affairs.
Disadvantages Of Confederal System Of Government
1. Obedience To Only One Party Government: Citizens have to obey only one government and that is their own states government.
2. Loose Union: Confederation is a loose union of sovereignty states.
3. Delay In Effecting Issues: Policies discussed may not be effectively carried out in their respective countries.
4. Breaking Of The Union: The rights of members states to secede can be destabilize and break the union.
5. tsy fahatomombanana: Confederal government generates political instability because of the union.
6. No Effective Country Authority: Izany dia satria a sovereign power can not be located in a confederation.
Difference Between Federalism And Confederalism
1. Federalism has a strong centre. While Confederalism centre is not strong but weak.
2. In Federalism, The countries is more powerful than the component unit. While In Confederalism, The state (countries) making up the confederation are more state powerful.
3. In Federalism, The component unit making up a federation cannot secede. While In Confederalism, There is right for state to secede or break away.
4. In Federalism, The constitution supreme written and rigid. While In confederalism, There is no constitution but, if any, It is flexible.
5. Powers are shared between the centre and other components in Federalism. While There is no power sharing in Confederalism.

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