Inona no atao hoe Kominisma? Famaritana, dikany ary endri-javatra

Inona no atao hoe Kominisma?
Communism is an economic/political system of government in which the state controls completely the means of production and distribution.
Communism is the highest stage of socialism. Individual ownership of property is abolished in a state. The state provides for all according to their needs and abilities.
Communism was emaciated by karl marx and lenin through their book titled “communist”, practiced communist. Russia, China, Hungary, Cuba are practicing advanced socialism but to reach communist stage.
Features Of Communism
Ireto misy ireto: fototra features of communism:
1. There is presence of community ownership.
2. Public ownership is also experience.
3. Communism is the expectation of workers, class even though they themselves have the mind of capitalist.
4. Suitable distribution of resources and benefit.
5. Communism stands for the poor in the society.
6. Izany dia a system of government whereby the state controls completely the means of production and distribution of goods and services.
7. The motto of communism is: work according to your fahaizana and take the benefit according to your need.
8. There is one party dominance and the use of force in achieving communist goals.
9. There is total ownership of means of production and distribution by the state.
10. Misy a centrally planned economy and confiscation private properties without compensation.
Relationship Between Communism And Socialism
1. Socialism permits existence of the capitalist class and the working class while communism establish a fiaraha-monina tsy misy kilasy.
2. Socialism is a stage in the transformation of capitalism to communism but communism is the ultimate stage of socialism.
3. Socialism may be attained by constitutional means but communism involves violent concentration.

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